Relationship Therapy Orlando How Looking Within Can Help

Relationship Therapy Orlando

How Looking Within Can Help

Relationship Therapy Orlando

Relationship therapy Orlando doesn’t just benefit couples. Oftentimes people who are struggling in a relationship with their spouse or partner still receive benefits when they attend relationship therapy sessions alone. Counseling for relationships in Orlando will almost always involve separate sessions, but if you can’t get your partner to participate in therapy, you can still seek your own relationship therapist in Orlando.

Sometimes people find recurring themes happening in their relationships. These themes could be negative habits, behaviors or trends that might be preventing them from experiencing healthy, happy connections with their partners. Relationship counseling can uncover these themes, but it isn’t the best way to resolve them. Individual adult therapy sessions are the best way for someone to understand what’s going on within themselves.


Most times when people struggle in relationships, they start to realize that some of their relationships have had similar issues or ended in the same ways. It might be tempting for someone to blame the relationship for the issues, but relationship therapy Orlando focuses on the individuals too and what part they play in recurring themes.

Relationship Therapy Orlando Issues

  • Infidelity

    When someone finds that they have been cheated on or are the ones that do the cheating, they could really benefit from relationship therapy. Relationship therapy Orlando offers individuals with the ability to talk about insecurities, trust issues, vulnerability, and lost passion. Seeking therapy for relationship issues gives a person insight into the reasons why they keep attracting partners who are not faithful and reasons why they themselves may not be able to remain monogamous.

  • Bad communication

    If you find that no matter what relationship you get into, you are prone to having frequent arguments, then you might want to seek therapy for relationship issues. There could be issues within communication styles, chronic defensiveness, or altered perceptions of reality. You can learn new skills to communicate better, but if you don’t know what you are doing wrong, how can you fix it?

  • Codependency issues

    When you find that your relationships are taking their toll on you, it might be time to ask yourself why. Co-dependency issues are common, but are not often identified easily without professional help. Couples therapy Orlando does help unmask codependency, but individual therapy is the best way to get to the root reasons why you might be becoming enmeshed with your partners.

  • Intimacy issues

    Being in a relationship exposes you on very deep levels. Individual counseling and couples therapy is a safe place where you can discuss what your reservations are to intimacy. Having a healthy sex life, being able to trust your partner, and wanting to connect physically and emotionally are basic goals of any relationship. Personal hang-ups about being vulnerable, or unresolved past trauma that prevents vulnerability, inhibits a person from experiencing deep connections that they might long for. It even causes some people to put up barriers that they really wish they didn’t need. Talking with a therapist will help you reframe things and learn how to navigate your fears of being hurt, or letting someone in.

  • Inability to commit

    Maybe you are great at starting relationships, but just can’t seem to commit to them past a certain point. Relationship therapy Orlando can only take you so far if you’re really dealing with a fear of commitment. If you find that you get “cold-feet” or anxious in relationships and it seems to happen more often than not, talking to a therapist will help you set relationship goals that you can stick to. Individual therapy for relationship issues will also help you iron out the kinks behind why you can’t commit or if you are actually subconsciously choosing partners that aren’t commitment worthy.


The ultimate goal behind any therapy for relationship issues or individual counseling sessions is to help you improve yourself, your relationships, and your quality of life. If you have been feeling like your relationships are not offering you the satisfaction you believe they should, reach out and give us a call at Orlando Thrive Therapy. You can schedule a free phone consultation to see how we can help or book your first session by calling 407-592-8997.

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