Life Coaching

Life Coach Orlando vs Psychotherapist

Life coach Orlando and therapist. How do you know which one to choose? Perhaps you are not in need of intensive therapy, but instead are seeking a mental health tune-up, objective feedback about a specific issue, or you just want a place to set goals, maximize motivation and develop a solid action plan.

Life Coaching

Uncover roadblocks quickly

Unquestionably, there are a lot of benefits to seeking professional help for personal or professional roadblocks. Over the past decade, there has been a great deal of emphasis on how life coaching works and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Future Forward Goal Planning

A professional life coach Orlando will typically dive right in by developing an action plan with you that is driven by future goals and plans you have set for yourself.

Even if you aren’t coming in to talk about childhood issues, or primary mental health concerns, it is still important to use a reputable resource. Using a professional that is licensed, knowledgeable, and experienced is extremely important.

Life Coaching

Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Orlando

A psychotherapist can act as a life coach.

A psychotherapist receives formal education, supervised fieldwork, and is trained to identify core issues. As your life coach Orlando and therapist, the goal will be to quickly uncover the obstacles that prevent you from feeling happiness, achieving success, or experiencing healthy relationships.

Interactive-Solution Focused

You will receive objective feedback, self-help assignments, and have solution focused sessions designed to help you get your life back on track in the shortest amount of time. Life coaching Orlando might consist of online sessions, telephone communication, social media support, and/or check-ins via email or text.

Relationship Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Relationship coaching is helpful to any couple that is not experiencing major issues. Relationship coaching can be done with or without a partner and is geared towards providing directive feedback, tools, and fast problem-solving solutions.

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