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Stress Management

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Stress Management

Stress management is a critical piece to good mental health. It is all too often neglected and people become anxious and mentally fatigued. Stress can have a negative influence on your mental and your physical health. There are many reasons that people can become overly stressed and they don’t all happen from some type of traumatic event. In today’s society, especially in Orlando, busy schedules create an imbalance of work and life. Lawyers, for example, often work weekend hours, which can limit their time to practice self care or develop healthy stress management routines. Developing and using a healthy stress management routine is critical for overall good mental health.

You can start to improve your mental health by hiring a mental health professional to help you develop a stress management routine. Not only will you gain better perspective, but you will also have someone holding you accountable for your goals. In addition to counseling, here are a few other ways to start making your self-care a priority.

Benefts of Daily Exercise

Feel better!

In a recent Time magazine article it was reported that just 15 minutes of daily exercise may be enough to improve your overall health. Moderate exercise doesn’t only have a positive impact on your physical health. It also increases production of neurotransmitters responsible for balancing your mood.

Sleep better!

Daily exercise is proven to help you fall asleep and stay in a deep sleep throughout the night! Just find a time of day that works right for you. Some say exercising too close to bed time isn’t good because it leaves them feeling too energized to go to bed. Others say that exercising leaves them tired and is perfect before a good night’s rest. Whether you exercise morning, noon, or night, exercising in the right increments will foster a better sleep cycle.

Healthy Coping Skill!

By using exercise to reduce stress, instead of resorting to alcohol or overeating, you are developing a healthy coping mechanism. When life brings you challenges, exercise is a great way to cope rather than resorting to unhealthy behaviors.

Energy Booster!

Regular exercise increases blood flow to your body and improves your cardiovascular health, increasing your energy level. So for those who say they’re too tired to workout, maybe a workout is just what you need!

Stress management is a critical piece to your self-care. Not only does it matter if you move more, but it also helps to eat right and spend quality time with yourself and others. Living a happy life can be tricky at times, especially when you find yourself constantly adhering to everyone else’s needs and neglecting your own. It is so important to find a good balance between having me-time, play-time, and down-time. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup!”

Quality Time with Yourself and Others


Do the things you love to do. Enjoy your hobbies, your passions, and explore the things that bring you happiness outside of work and your relationships. Spend time investing in things that you might have enjoyed as a kid, or learning a new trade or skill. These types of activites foster your sense of identity and prevent you from losing sight of who you truly are amongst all the many roles that you have.


Surrounding yourself with others who care and support you not only leaves you feeling happy, but ultimately healthy as well. Research shows that those who surround themselves with genuine people are less likely to develop negative habits or a negative mood. Surrounding yourself with others who truly care and support you is a great way to keep you grounded, and sane when life may be at its lowest.


Quite often the most over-looked, but most important element of self-care. Time alone with yourself is important. This time is a time of not only relaxation, but it’s a time for you to become best friends with yourself; after all no matter what, you are the one who will unconditionally always be there for yourself. Create a time for you to spend with yourself, every day, or every other day if you need, and just sit with yourself. Use this time to notice things about yourself you may not have taken the time to notice before. Overall, use this time to get to know the great person that everyone else in your life has the pleasure of knowing.

Stress Management
Mental Health

Stress management is one of the most important things for mental health. An Orlando counselor can offer you techniques for anxiety and stress relief. Adult individual therapy can help you process work, personal, or present stress. If your relationship is causing you stress, begin couples counseling to improve your quality of interactions.

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(This article was co-authored and collaborated with Ashley Campo, UCF psychology student)

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