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What Should I Expect When Working With A Therapist

It’s very common to wonder “What should I expect when working with a therapist?” Making the first call for professional help can be intimidating. We have had many couples and clients tell us they had our information for a while but the anxiety they felt about starting therapy kept them from picking up the phone.

It’s normal to spend time researching solutions or trying alternative methods before making the call for professional help. Maybe you have even been wishing the problems would just go away on their own.

We understand that the first call is the hardest and not knowing what to expect can leave you feeling anxious. We are glad you landed here and are ready to find out more about how we can help you.

Choosing A Therapist

It’s normal to wonder what it will feel like to share personal information with a stranger. The connection you have with your therapist is extremely important during your therapy process! This is one reason that we offer a free 15 minute phone consultation so we can talk before you schedule your appointment. We want to be able to truly understand what your goals, match you with the right therapist for you, and explain to you how that therapist will be able to help you.

The First Session

After we have had a chance to chat and determine that our therapy services are a good fit for you, we will schedule your first session. That first session with us will be an intake session that will vary in time depending on the service you are coming in for. If you are a couple, we will spend approximately 60 minutes together and if you are an individual it will last about 50 minutes. We will use this time to ask you questions about what has brought you to therapy, gathering information about your life and therapy goals, so that we can determine the best course of action for how to serve you.

How Often Should I Come To Therapy?

Couples and clients normally commit to therapy one time per week in the beginning. This offers them the best chance to truly get the most from the process. It is also the schedule that allows people the chance to work at a consistent pace so they can get reach their goals sooner.

How Much Does Therapy Cost?

Our practice is “Fee for Service.” Fees are tailored to specific services and the length of service. During your initial contact, we will discuss the fees related to the services you are interested in scheduling.

Call us today at (407) 592-8997 to take the next step in beginning your journey and scheduling your first appointment. If you aren’t quite ready to make the call, send us an email at contact@orlandothrivetherapy.com and ask us your questions so we can help.

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