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The Orlando Thrive Therapy team specializes in giving you the tools to repair your relationship, overcome anxiety, trauma and negative thoughts, and the strategies to positively process major life changes so you can THRIVE personally and professionally.

From the first call to either our downtown Orlando Counseling Office, or our Winter Garden Counseling team, one of our experts will begin to customize a plan that specifically targets your needs. Each counselor on our team gives you a unique approach to therapy; One that will give you the best tools to THRIVE in your life, rather than just survive... because we know that for therapy to be done right, it has to be done different!

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Orlando Thrive Therapy
Heather Oller, LMHC, and Associates at Orlando Thrive Therapy are a group of certified anxiety therapy specialists, relationship counseling experts, lifestyle coaches, and mindfulness experts with over 3 decades of combined experience teaching Orlando clients how they can live their best lives. Their passion and drive are seeing you THRIVE, rather than just survive!

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You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. -C.S. Lewis
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Heather Oller

Meet Heather Oller
LMHC, Owner

As a licensed psychotherapist for over a decade, I have successfully taught couples and individuals how to feel happier, overcome barriers, and have better relationships with themselves and others. My passion to learn the best therapy techniques for anxiety, personal growth, and relationship issues came as a result of my own life experiences. These are personal areas in which I was able to overcome and navigate with success so empowering my clients in the same ways has been my greatest reward.

My approach to therapy is different than many counselors. I know what it takes for you to see results. First, I know that the relationship between the therapist and client is the most important element to achieving lasting change. Your goals are my goals! Secondly, I know successful outcomes happen by using a combination of psychology with proven individualized therapy techniques and lifestyle coaching. This is one reason I do not accept insurance. If you want real lasting change to happen, you have to be willing to invest in it!

My vision for Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching and Counseling happened as a result of wanting to empower more people. Since I am only one person, I can only do so much, right? Over the course of the last two years, I began hand selecting and training a team of like-minded counselors who now work beside me. We teach people how to navigate relationships better, develop better self-confidence, overcome anxiety, achieve personal growth, and discover ways to improve their overall quality of life. To put it simply, we teach you how to thrive, instead of just survive!


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Experts
Anxiety Specialists
Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples
Mindfulness-Based Stress and Anxiety Experts
Rapid Resolution Therapy
Certified Relationship Experts in Gottman Therapy
Licensed and Masters Level Psychotherapists
Lifestyle Coaching Specialists
Expert Marriage Therapy
Grief Counseling and Trauma Relief
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Orlando Thrive Therapy is a private-pay practice and payment is due at the time of your therapy service. We have made a very careful decision not to allow insurance to dictate how we provide services to treat you or who we are allowed to work with. We believe successful outcomes in therapy happen when you are seen as more than a diagnosis and a variety of therapeutic techniques can be offered at one time. If you still need to use the medical model for treatment, contact your insurance provider for more information. If you would like more information about how we work and our unique approach, please contact us for a free 10-15 minute consult so we can help you get started.