Anxiety Therapy

anxiety psychotherapy orlando

We specialize in anxiety therapy. We know the ways to help your anxiety without the use of medication. The symptoms of anxiety respond most effectively to CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, combined with other holistic wellness techniques. We treat every person that we see for anxiety with individual therapy that is tailored for their circumstances. This includes a total life counseling approach that is not only focused on anxiety symptom relief but also on the core reasons why anxiety started happening for you. Each anxiety expert at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling has obtained additional training in the techniques that best treat anxiety. We have helped countless people overcome the crippling effects of anxiety both in their professional and personal lives. It became a mission in our practice to use the most effective strategies by researching the specific biological causes of anxiety, the proven techniques to stop anxiety, and teaching our clients those techniques to eliminate anxiety altogether.

Your first CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, anxiety counseling appointment, will include an assessment and evaluation of your anxiety symptoms. You will discuss in depth about the origination of your anxiety, how anxiety has been negatively impacting you, and what methods you have been trying that haven’t worked. You will then be given a thorough explanation of how the process by which CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) works for anxiety and we will come up with an action plan to fit your individual situation.

What does anxiety therapy help with?

anxiety psychotherapy orlando

Ready for Change

Women and men experience anxiety symptoms in different ways. Anxiety doesn’t discriminate against gender and it is important that every person with anxiety is not treated the same. The anxiety experience is unique to each individual and the feelings can have a devastating, debilitating impact. CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety uncovers the reasons why anxiety is happening to you. This is just one technique that we specialize in for cases where anxiety is getting in the way of work, or anxiety is negatively impacting your relationship, or your ability to function at your highest potential.

Women and men experience anxiety symptoms in different ways. AnxietWhile you may have learned to cope with anxiety quite well, we want you to start imagining a life that is better than “well.” There is a future for you without anxiety and with our help, it is within your reach.

Anxiety Therapy Orlando

Our anxiety therapists will walk you through the process and the work that it takes to change how anxiety affects you. The National Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists recognizes individuals that have additional certifications in anxiety relief. We provide that expertise and the real solutions to help you eliminate anxiety or to find the balance you need to manage it more healthily. Your anxiety therapy, and CBT sessions will be interactive, instructive, and action-oriented. Each time you will leave with new skills and a greater sense of hope. Watching the dark cloud of anxiety finally leave our clients is something we take great pride in!

anxiety psychotherapy orlando

Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching and Counseling in Orlando is “Fee for Service,” and payment is expected at the beginning of your scheduled service. Fees are tailored to specific services and the length of service. During our initial phone conversation, we will discuss the fees related to the services you are interested in scheduling. Pre-paid Service Packages are available at a discounted rate and can be discussed at your intake appointment.

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