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Anxiety Counseling Orlando

Stressed Out

Anxiety Counseling Orlando

Anxiety counseling Orlando targets root causes of being stressed out. It focuses on ways to relieve panic, tension, or racing or unwanted thoughts. It is estimated that Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses affecting American today. Over 40 million people experience daily symptoms of anxiety. That is an astonishing statistic. Anxiety counseling Orlando uses CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), individual therapy, and couples therapy to help with anxiety relief.

Why are people feeling so stressed and anxious these days? Job stress, family issues, money problems, relationship issues are just a few matters troubling the minds of American’s today. The most common symptom associated with anxiety are unwanted thoughts. Unwanted thoughts are thoughts that flood the mind, disturb concentration, and cause negative physical reactions.

Anxiety is based on irrational fears or insecurities. All anxiety is justifiable if you can get to the root causes. Anxiety counseling Orlando does just that. It targets the root cause of your discomfort and helps you re-frame your thought patterns and develop better coping skills.

Anxiety Counseling Orlando
Unwanted Thoughts

Anxiety counseling Orlando for unwanted thoughts helps you work through negative thought patterns. Having unwanted thoughts that you can’t control creates panic for many people. If these thoughts strike during work or personal times, they impact the experience negatively. This leads people to feel overwhelmed, confused, and anxious.

How do you stop unwanted thought patterns?

Anxiety counselors specialize in helping people identify triggers and negative thoughts. People feel scared by the lack of control they feel when they have thoughts flood their mind. A physical response to those thoughts is often experienced at the same time with panic or fast heart rate. The first initial response is to try to get rid of the thought, to fight it away. That’s a very normal reaction, but then why doesn’t the thought go away? Why does it keep haunting you or making you feel anxious?

Anxiety Counseling Orlando
Physical Issues

Anxiety counseling Orlando teaches you to techniques to counteract the physical issues related to anxiety. The energy you put into trying to fight off unwanted thoughts has a physical reaction in your body. Adrenaline is the main hormone your body releases during anxiety. This hormone is responsible for increased heart rate, shortness of breath, and prepares your body for battle.

Many people develop very unhealthy habits in an effort to avoid uncomfortable thoughts or feelings. Alcohol is the most common numbing agent used in America. While moderate use of alcohol in a recreational or social setting is seen as healthy, when a person finds themselves using it as a way to avoid feeling, that is when it is a problem. Furthermore, the effects are only temporary. Alcohol has a depressive effect and can exacerbate anxiety or depression with frequent use. Anxiety counseling for stress issues is designed to help you develop better coping skills, healthier habits, and thought patterns to support a happier self.

Anxiety Counseling Orlando
Get Help For Stress

Finding the right professional and Orlando counselor can be the key to you finding your peace of mind. Often relief is found from just one session and having the ability to receive feedback and a safe place to talk. Anxiety counseling can help you identify your negative thought patterns and find ways to normalize them. Anxiety counseling can also help you discover your triggers and find ways to cope with them more positively.

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