Life Transitions & Orlando Counseling

Life Transitions & Orlando Counseling

Life Transitions & Orlando Counseling

Life Transitions and Orlando Counseling go hand in hand. Having an objective sounding board will help you get through any circumstances easier. Dealing with a life change (break up, divorce, job change, death, etc) can throw you off and be so sudden you can’t recover. When a person does need help through a life transition, friends and family don’t always know what to say. Finding a resource that can help you talk through what is happening, develop healthy coping skills, and create an action plan for change, gives you strength to move forward.

Changes in life causing stress don’t always have to be major. They can range from losing a loved one to death, to needing advice on how to co-parent. Life transitions also do not always have to be sad. They can be happy too, but still cause a change that creates stress.

Anyone seeking help through a life transition might find reassurance in the list of the most common life transitions below:

Life Transitions & Orlando Counseling

Life Transitions and Counseling Orlando offers healthy ways for people who need help through a life transition to handle the life changes more positively.

  1. Marriage or Divorce

    Depending on the circumstance, marriage or divorce, can bring joy, anxiety, sadness, guilt, fear or a myriad of emotions. Life transitions and major life changes causing stress can be from new beginnings or from situations that signify an ending. The emotions that surround significant life changes can leave a person feeling confused about how to move forward in their new life.

  2. Career & Education

    Life transitions related to career or education changes are common. Talking to co-workers or a boss about career goals is not always conducive. It is also not always easy to talk to friends or family about your educational goals. When others offer opinions of your situation, this can often make it more difficult for you to make decisions.

  3. Parenthood

    As children change in their development, their needs change too. Parents find themselves struggling during these stages and talking to a neutral professional can be a great resource. Parenting offers life transitions that are unpredictable and benefit greatly with the right support.

  4. Dating & Relationships

    Life transitions causing stress are commonly associated with relationships and connections with others. Break-ups, dating concerns, managing profiles and apps, meeting strangers, or navigating new relationships and boundaries can be hard to do. You would be surprised at how beneficial it can be to find a sounding board who can give you guidance during these life changes.

  5. Moving

    Probably one of the hardest life transition or life change causing anxiety or stress is a move. Having to start over in a new city, make new friends, and learn the lay of a new land can be very scary. Many clients I help, meet with me to bridge the gap between knowing no one and knowing someone. This is an incredibly easy way to start doing that and to get advice on local places and ways to acclimate to your new environment.

The best advice I can give anyone seeking help for a life transition or going through a major life change causing stress or anxiety is to reach out today. You do not have to do it alone. Finding the right support during this change in your life is a gift you give back to you. Call me today 407-592-8997 or email me to find out how to book your first session and let me help you get through this change in the best way.

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