Six Ways To Help A Woman In Her Relationship

Six Ways To Help A Woman In Her Relationship

Six Ways To Help A Woman In Her Relationship

Feeling insecure and unloved can cause trouble for a woman in her relationships. Trying to convince yourself that you matter, that you're worth it, or that you are desirable can feel fake and phony if you don't truly believe it. Understanding the root causes of why you are feeling these ways is the only way to overcome them. Women tend to struggle with these types of female insecurities more than men. Being an insecure woman sets you up for not getting the love you want, picking wrong partners, and feeling less important in relationships. Overcoming female insecurities is actually much easier than you think when you pair up with a women’s therapist in Orlando and tackle them head on. Before you schedule your first therapy session, you can start making these changes now.

  • 1. Stop making excuses for other people’s behavior.

    Sometimes a woman in a bad relationship develops a bad habit of making excuses for their partners behavior. They may have been cheated on, lied to, taken advantage of, manipulated, or even be dealing with physical or emotional abuse. If you have find yourself saying things like, “He’s just going through something,” or “He didn’t really mean to hurt me,” or “He has so much potential,” then you need to stop that right now. The worst thing a woman can do is lower her standards so low that she allows herself to justify being treated poorly.

  • 2. Stop doing everything for everyone.

    Maybe you are a caregiver or people pleaser by heart. Maybe it is in your nature to “be nice” and try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. It can be easy to fall into the role of nurturer. Be careful that you aren’t doing that so that people need you or like you more. One of the first things you can start doing for yourself is take an inventory of how your relationship has been measuring up. If the scales are out of balance, you might need to examine your own behaviors. Enabling someone or doing more for someone than they wish to do for themselves creates “learned helplessness” and send a message that they are more important than you.

  • 3. Advocate for your needs.

    Being a woman dealing with relationship issues might mean you aren’t saying what you need. As a woman trying to be happy, you deserve to express what you need and want. If you do not feel that you are with a partner who is willing to listen to you or change things in the relationship, then maybe that relationship isn’t right for you. Any woman deserves to be treated with respect, cared for, and heard.

  • 4. Be selfish with your time.

    In Women’s therapy in Orlando teaching women that they can be selfish with their time is a huge deal. Many women become so skilled at multi-tasking that they forget about themselves. I will often hear a woman tell me she can’t remember the last time she did anything for herself. That is unacceptable. I teach women that they have to place self-care at the top of their list. If they do not do this, then they become worthless to themselves and those around them.

  • 5. Take care of yourself.

    This goes along with being selfish about your time. Women have come a long way in empowering themselves to feel self-confidence no matter shape or size. This empowerment does not give a woman a free pass to treat her body poorly. If you do not treat your body well and take care of it, how will anyone else? This doesn’t mean you have to meet a standard of exercise or diet, shape or size. It means that you should take pride in maintaining your body in the way that you feel your best, feeding it nutritious things, and valuing your unique qualities.

  • 6. Do something to change things.

    Any Woman’s Therapist in Orlando will tell you that no matter what, doing something about how you feel is the best thing you can do. Talking to a woman’s counselor and discovering the underlying issues you might be experiencing will help you develop self-confidence and self-worth. Women’s therapy will help you identify what you want out of a relationship, or life, how to go after it, and how to get it.

There is help for any woman in a bad relationship or any woman feeling unloved, unappreciated, or out of touch with themselves. Women are amazing, multi-faceted beings and a woman trying find help in love, life or themselves is heading in the right direction by reaching out. A woman’s therapist in Orlando can get them through the hurdle and empower women with self-discovery. Call 407-592-8997 now to book a session with a woman’s therapist in Orlando. Orlando Thrive Therapy offers is here to help and looks forward to hearing from you.

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