Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

I have found through the 18 years that I have been in mental health, that people have an incredible ability to cope “well” with many things. As humans we are extremely adaptable; But, adaptation can often mean that a person is simply surviving, instead of thriving. Through specialized therapies and certifications, my services are tailor fit to the specific needs of the issues that couples, women, and men face today. Even highly successful people benefit from doing work on themselves and achieving optimal functioning. It is my passion and goal to share my unique approach and techniques with anyone who desires a better life for themselves or within their relationship.

As a licensed psychotherapist for over 10 years, I have been honored to work with countless couples, women, and men, who understand the value in seeking the knowledge and expertise of a professional. By finding someone who is competent and willing to walk with them through their most challenging times, they are empowered to move forward more confidently. I believe that helping someone become a better version of themselves through the awareness that psychotherapy brings is an invaluable investment in the future of that person’s life.

Women’s Therapy

Therapy for women encompasses aspects of support, validation, and empowerment. Women often struggle finding their voice or feeling guilt when they do. Many time’s women seek therapy for help with anxiety, depression, unhealthy coping habits, negative thoughts, or low self-esteem. Through intensive therapies, women can learn to develop a healthier relationship with themselves and those around them. Unveiling your strength within we will work together to identify the things that have been holding you back. You will find support, reassurance, and validation while you process false perceptions, beliefs, or negative thought patterns that contribute to uncomfortable feelings.

Individual Therapy
How therapy for women helps:
  • Empowerment Through Validation.
  • Helping Ease You Through Any Transition in Your Life.
  • Harnessing Your Strength from Within.
  • Overcome Fear, Anxiety, Negative Thoughts.
  • Eliminate Destructive Patterns or Behaviors.
  • Have Healthy Relationships.

Men’s Therapy

Men face challenges unique to their gender daily. They are quite often the ones’ who do not reach out for help, but still benefit greatly from the right support. Through therapy which fosters personal responsibility, problematic behaviors become realized and can be eliminated. Through keen observation and intuitive guidance, my approach will facilitate a shift in your perspective. This shift will allow for the changes you have been seeking. You can overcome anxiety, fear, anger, resentment, and any obstacle holding you back from optimal wellness.

Individual Therapy
How therapy for men helps:
  • Solution Focused Support.
  • Find Balance, in Work and Life.
  • Master Stress Relief.
  • Develop a New Perspective and Mind-set.
  • Capitalize on Your Inner Confidence.
  • Navigate Healthier Relationships.
Individual Therapy

Finding Balance

Individual Therapy

My goal in therapy is to help you find your balance and center of focus again. Through our work together, you will see your life reflected back at you. Through this reflection, you can look more closely at what has been causing you to lose your center of gravity. Your true self, which will might have been hidden under defenses or past hurt, will be revealed along the way. Psychotherapy is designed to help restore balance in a state of distress. This process involves awakening one’s inner thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and emotions which have been driving your behaviors. It also means that you will be challenged to think and do things differently. You will be guided through this journey with expert support to help you get to a place of quality existence.


Individual Therapy

My practice is “Fee for Service,” and payment is expected at the beginning of your scheduled service. Fees are tailored to specific services and the length of service. During our phone conversation, I will discuss the fees related to the services you are interested in scheduling. Pre-paid Service Packages are available at a discounted rate. If you are interested in filing a claim with your insurance company for your direct reimbursement for your paid therapy service, I can provide you with a paid invoice for you to attach. Service Package fees are not applicable in this case.

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