Trauma Therapy In Orlando Using Expressive Arts

Trauma Therapy In Orlando Using Expressive Arts

Trauma Therapy In Orlando Using Expressive Arts

Trauma therapy in Orlando focuses on helping individuals, male or female, that have experienced an emotionally or physically traumatic event. This trauma therapy could be for a series of life experiences or one significant event. Trauma is subjective. This means that what one person may find easy to endure, another may find it to be traumatizing. No trauma should ever be minimized, regardless of the person who experienced it.

Trauma therapy in Orlando can include a variety of different techniques. Just to name a few trauma therapists may use EMDR, CBT, Desensitization therapy, Biofeedback, RRT (rapid resolution therapy), ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy), or other types such as expressive therapies like Art Therapy. Art therapy is one form of therapy that is used successfully to treat trauma because it is not invasive, taps into a creative part of the brain, and allows the client to build rapport with their therapist slowly.

Goals of Art Therapy for Expression

Art therapy is geared towards utilizing any avenue for a client or person to find a way to have a positive expression of emotions and positively cope with them. Expressive arts therapy can be anything the person desires so long as it is able to flush out the emotions and feelings in a healthy, safe, and positive way. These therapy forms can be music and art where a song is created, playing an instrument that resonates with the person. Artwork can be powerful in drawing parallels to the colors the person uses to the emotions and feelings they are expressing. Poetry can be a powerful form of expressive arts therapy as well due to the ability the person gets from making connections to themes in the present or past realities through rhyme.

Another form of expressive therapy that you may not consider artistic, is sports. Body movement, such as playing sports, dance, yoga, or freeflow body mechanics, can allow a person to move through physical blocks that they have from trauma in expressive ways that do not involve talking. Sports and athletics embody not only physical capabilities but creative ones as well. How to perform and how to execute training can all be expressive and the way a person does it can create a mind-body connection that is so powerful that it alleviates any future distress before it even happens.

Expressive Trauma Therapy Treatment

Trauma therapy in Orlando can be a great way to be introduced to expressive arts therapy for trauma in Orlando. Speaking with a trained professional can provide the outlook and perspective to increase the awareness of what someone is feeling and undergoing and learn how to effectively connect it to something. When utilizing expressive arts therapy, the benchmark for it to be successful is to make sure that it is something that the person can relate to and feels challenged by, but not overwhelming. Don’t just have it be a random act or event, but something that is relatable and brings up positive themes in the your life.

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