Love and Attraction: Similarities vs Differences

Love and Attraction: Similarities vs Differences

Love and Attraction: Similarities vs Differences

Couples’ therapists in Orlando have been asked the question, “Why do couples attend therapy?” Couples benefit from therapy to improve communication, deepen the relationship, learn more about one another, or use it as a platform to speak about things that perhaps may be difficult for one partner to address. The biggest reason for couples therapy is to bring back that spark the couple once had at the beginning of their relationship. You may be thinking, "What brings two people together?" There have been many cliché sayings such as, “soulmates” and “other half”. Ultimately, both sayings to the notion that the other person is not fully complete without the other. Expert relationship counseling in Orlando has expanded on the idea that couples are attracted to one another by the similarities that they have and then their differences are what instill the love in their relationship. Partners in committed relationships have unconditional love for one another, especially because they are different from each other and not the same.

Similarity Attraction

Couples therapists in Orlando have found that similarities between partners are what create a foundation for success in any relationship. Ideally, partners that have similar aligned values, desires, growth, and life planning goals. These similarities spur an initial attraction that leads partners to feel safe and secure with one another. These feelings of safety and security allow for more growth and for the couple to learn more about one another. These similarities need to be fostered and grown into strengths. One way of doing this is to acknowledge the love each partner has for their respective partners' differences.

Loving the Differences

During a couples therapy session, partners usually begin their session discussing the differences they face in their relationship. On the contrary, the differences between partners tend to spur growth in a relationship. Noted by professional relationship experts in Orlando, the reasoning for this growth is due to the other partner feeling challenged. While similarities may feel safe and secure, the differences pose a challenge. The biggest challenge is the difference between the way partners think and feel which can lead to healthy compromising. Every relationship has differences which can help with the growth of each person in the way they view life and build different perspectives. Loving differences can produce the most enriching type of love.

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