5 Bad Health Habits That May Ruin Your Marriage

5 Bad Health Habits That May Ruin Your Marriage

5 Bad Health Habits That May Ruin Your Marriage

Keeping a romantic relationship strong requires support, communication, encouragement, commitment, and hard work. It is highly depressing that marriages have about a 50% chance of lasting because we live in a time where the divorce rate is exceptionally high. Unhealthy and annoying habits, abuse, and infidelity are just a few of the things that can lead to a divorce. Relationships often fail for many reasons, but there are things that you can do or stop doing that may help your relationship be successful. Our experts offer these bad health habits that can easily ruin a relationship.

Bottling up emotions.

Though bottling your emotions does not seem like an apparent lousy health habit, holding back feelings when you should be openly communicating or internalizing your emotions can significantly damage your emotional health. In addition, withholding emotions can harm you and your partner when you are in a relationship. When you bottle up your feelings, you can easily say hurtful things to your partner, let everything out at once, or let things build up in your mind until you determine your relationship is not worth the work to fix. When you cannot work through this issue on your own, in home marriage therapy in Orlando can help.


Many relationships end up ruined because of one common point of contention, smoking. In some cases, romantic partners both smoked when they met, but one of them later quit smoking. In other situations, only one partner smoked when the couple met, or one of them picked up the habit later in the relationship. Recurring arguments in a relationship about getting one smoker to quit are troubling. This terrible health habit can easily lead to separation because of guilt trips, anger, fights about the future or health, or setting bad examples for your kids. On the other hand, smoking is highly hazardous to your health, so it can be helpful to give up the nasty habit to improve your relationship before hope is lost.


The lack of effort associated with laziness is exceptionally unhealthy in various ways. Laziness also often leads to decreased physical activity, increased risks of diabetes, heart disease, and many forms of cancer. Inactivity often also impacts your diet. You will probably develop unhealthy eating habits when you or your significant other lay around on the couch all day or after work in the evening. Not to mention when you live a lazy lifestyle, you're probably also lazy when it comes to putting in the required effort to strengthen your romantic relationship.

Excessive drinking.

When someone you love drinks excessively, it can cause serious relationship problems. Medical standards may not consider them an alcoholic, but being an alcoholic is not required for you to worry about a loved one's health. In cases like this, the fear of your partner developing alcoholism is genuine. People who drink excessively can experience various health problems like heart issues, liver damage, brain damage, pancreas damage, and other immune system issues. Drinking too much can increase a person's risk of many cancers. Consuming too much alcohol regularly can also cause a person to be emotional, abusive, mean, or a combination of the three. You can ruin a relationship quickly from excessive alcohol consumption.

Working too much.

Workaholics are everywhere in our society. Because of economic issues, many people have started to work for more than a standard 8-hour workday, five days a week, which can quickly ruin a romantic relationship. It is also common for partners to respond and check emails on weekends and evenings or put in extra work hours in the home. It is not healthy to be focused on work once your workday is finished. You can develop vision problems, stress, heart disease, back problems, and an increased risk of depression from working too much. If you want to be an equal partner in your relationship, you should unplug and leave the work for your office hours.

Many things can harm a marriage, but in home marriage therapy in Orlando can help. Contact us today to start counseling services and start healing your partnership.

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