4 Ways to Overcome Negative Self Talk

4 Ways to Overcome Negative Self Talk

4 Ways to Overcome Negative Self Talk

Are you constantly putting yourself down when you make mistakes? Do you fill your head with doubt when you go to accomplish tasks? When you find yourself in the middle of negative thought patterns, you can start to believe the things your mind is telling you. Negative self-talk is a common symptom of those fighting depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders. As experts in mental health therapy in Winter Park, we work closely with these individuals to teach them ways to avoid these thought patterns. These are a few ways that you can overcome negative self-talk.

Acknowledge the Thought Pattern

The first step to changing any behavior that does not serve you is to acknowledge that it exists. When you engage in these negative thought patterns, you should first learn to recognize when it is happening. For example, you may start to speak negatively about the way you look before you go on a date, or you may doubt your abilities before a big presentation at work. Take a moment to acknowledge that this is happening so that you can then learn how to overcome it.

Identify the Trigger

Once you acknowledge the negative self-talk, you should take the time to recognize what triggered the conversation. Are you lacking self confidence at work? Are you unprepared for a large event? There are many different triggers, especially when you battle mental health. However, when you learn what causes your discomfort or self-doubt, you can then learn the proper way to confront it.

Replace the Thought

Therapy can teach you to reframe your experience so that you can replace the negative self-talk with much more positive affirmations or simply true statements. Often times, self-talk is not rooted in reality. It is our minds causing us to see things that are not there because we do not feel as though we deserve what’s directly in front of us. These cognitions should be reframed so that we can see the positive side of what is actually occurring. By reframing, we can also replace our faulty perceptions with more accurate depictions of reality.

Talk to the Pros

When you are having difficulty recognizing or replacing your negative self-talk with more positive, realistic thoughts, you may want to consider talking to a professional. Our therapists are here to talk with you about your anxiety, stress, and other mental health concerns that may be causing your self-doubt. Gaining confidence is not always easy, and you may need a little help to look deeper into yourself and learn about the inner workings of your mind.

By taking these tips, you can prevent negative thought patterns from developing and causing disruptive, intrusive thoughts in your mind. If you struggle with negative self-talk and are growing tired of the effects it has on your daily life, contact us for mental health therapy in Winter Park today.

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