Work Addiction Causing You To Lose Sight Of What Matters Most?

Work Addiction Causing You To Lose Sight Of What Matters Most?

Work Addiction Causing You To Lose Sight Of What Matters Most?

Work addiction got you feeling like you don’t have a life anymore? Do you find yourself bringing work home with you every night? Does your significant other often complain to you that you're addicted to work and don’t have good boundaries at the job? Work addiction is an all-too-common theme that can have you feeling like you identify with work too much and don’t even know who you are outside of it. Work addiction leads to anxiety, burnout, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and diminished physical and mental health. Work addiction also negatively impacts your relationships.  Counseling in Orlando helps teach you how to have a better work-life balance. It teaches you how to create boundaries between work, home, and pleasure so that you know how to find purpose outside of work again.


Creating a healthy work-life balance is the key to managing stress and finding fulfillment in life.  Therapy gives you the tools that you need to successfully manage career and life, such as fun, family, pleasure, and any other life areas suffering because work always comes first.  If you have a spouse feeling neglected because you are always at the job, or always on your work phone, then your relationship could be suffering because of work too. Even if you are physically present, but mentally still at work, you are not connecting with those you love or allowing yourself to be in the moments you are trying to create. All of this means that it is time to find out how to create a healthy work/life balance right now.


Figuring out how to just say no to work is the hardest thing to do. Especially when you have identified with your job for so long.  It is also hard when you receive monetary rewards for performance, or if you get your sense of worth from the job you have. Therapy teaches you how to get back to who you are without your titles, roles at work, or the sense of importance that you receive there.  It helps you look outside this one facet of your life and focus on so many others you have been neglecting. When you begin to learn where work ends and you begin, you can begin to establish boundaries at work and just say no. You begin to learn how to prioritize the areas of your life that matter most and still do a great job at work.


If you find yourself saying that work is all that matters, then this is a problem. While working provides you the comfort of home, transportation, travel, food, clothing, and the likes, work isn’t everything. It is actually the last thing you should rely on and have at the top of your priority list. Putting work first all the time will leave you emotionally and physically drained, anxious when you wish you could relax, and distant from the people you care about the most. If work is the first thing on your priority list, then it is time to reevaluate the aspects that make you uniquely you. It is time to redefine what really matters and stop putting work ahead of everything you hold dear before it's too late.


You are not alone in how you feel if you think that work is all you have to live for. Many people lose their way when they dive into careers or jobs and want to perform at their best. There is a great deal of immediate rewards when you are doing a good job and it makes sense why it is hard to just give that up.  The main thing to remember when trying to get over being addicted to work, or figuring out how to find a balance between work and life, is that it's never too late to learn.

Anxiety counseling in Orlando for individuals teaches you how to become reacquainted with yourself again. It allows you a professional place where you can identify the areas of your life that have suffered because of work and create an action plan to change that. Therapy gives you the tools to balance work, life, and love better, as well as the ability to be the best version of you in all areas, rather than just one. For more information, send us an Orlando counselor an email now or call us today to get started.

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