Why More Men Should Be Seeking Therapy

Why More Men Should Be Seeking Therapy

Why More Men Should Be Seeking Therapy

Are you a male that is having a difficult time accepting that you may need help?  Are you contemplating whether therapy will actually make a difference in dealing with persistent issues or mood swings in your life?  Many men shy away from even considering therapy because of the preconceived stigma attached to the idea of a man needing help.  However, this archaic notion couldn't be more wrong.  In fact, many males struggle with issues just like their female counterparts, only they have a more difficult time coming to terms with the fact that they, too, need help and support.  In men's therapy in Orlando, you can learn how to better yourself in your personal life, relationship, or career.  There are a few great reasons why more men should actually be seeking therapy.

Challenges of Parenthood

When men become fathers, they will have to adjust their lifestyle, routine, and expectations.  This may be startling for some, as the role fatherhood plays can be a difficult adjustment.  Being there to support your child and the mother of your child may take time, and it may also require you to have a support system to get through it.  To navigate the challenges of parenthood, you may want to seek the guidance and support of a therapist.

High Male Suicide Rates

Many people may not know this, but male suicide rates are at an all-time high.  In fact, 7 out of 10 suicides are done by white males.  This startling statistic should be enough proof to indicate that men need help sometimes too.  When you are struggling with thoughts of self-harm or contemplating violence or ending your life, you will want to seek immediate medical treatment to learn how to cope and survive.

Career Goals

Males often dive head first into their careers.  Society places pressure on men to become the breadwinners or head of the family, regardless of what your family needs from you and what your role is in the family.  When this pressure becomes too much, it can be crippling.  Don't let this pressure take over and find the help you need.  A therapist can help you establish and meet realistic career goals so that you can find success in your professional life.

Relationship Issues

Relationship issues plague both men and women, despite who initiates the need for counseling.  When you are dealing with issues in your relationship, you may choose to work through these issues alone or with your partner.  Therapists can provide you with conflict resolution strategies, strategies to work on communication, and other tips on how you can improve your relationship.

These are just a few of the reasons why more men should be seeking the help of a therapist.  When they do the work in men's therapy in Orlando, they will be able to live a more full and successful life, whether they are trying to better their relationship, career, or personal life.  Contact the professionals at Orlando Thrive Therapy to find the best therapist for your needs today.

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