Six Signs Your Marriage May Be In Trouble

Six Signs Your Marriage May Be In Trouble

Six Signs Your Marriage May Be In Trouble

Are you concerned that your marriage may be headed for trouble?  Whether you are already contemplating filing for a divorce or you are looking to do anything to save your marriage, you may want to talk to a professional in marriage therapy in Orlando before you throw in the towel.  Depending on the depth of the issues in your marriage, you may be able to fix them.  Here are some of the common signs that your marriage may be in trouble and you may want to consider therapy.

Financial Issues

Financial strain can cause couples to constantly bicker, argue, or disagree about money.  Eventually, this can cause a strain that may become irreparable in a marriage, especially if these issues are never fully remedied.  When you are constantly battling with financial issues in your marriage, you may want to consider getting financial help, working with an accountant, or sticking to your budget so that you can avoid arguments each time something comes up.

Lack of Trust

Trust is essential in a healthy marriage.  Without trust, it can be difficult to maintain a relationship that is built on mutual respect for your partner.  Living with someone that you don't trust can not only be an unhealthy thing, it can also be scary.  Whether your spouse has stepped out on your marriage and been unfaithful, or whether you just have distance between you that has led to distrust, your lack of trust is a big red flag that your marriage is in trouble.

Communication Problems

Healthy communication can also breed healthy relationships.  On the contrary, a lack of communication or even just ineffective communication can cause rifts that may eventually lead to divorce.  When you don't enjoy talking with your spouse or you are constantly walking away from each other during conversations, you may need to admit to yourselves that it is no longer working.


Many people going through a divorce may have never seen their issues coming when they first walked down the aisle.  Marriages that are full of addiction, such as substance or drug abuse, can inflict both physical and emotional pain on both spouses.  Addiction can cause strains within your marriage that can also lead to issues with family members and friends on the outside.  

No Shared Interests

Sometimes, opposites attract.  However, this still requires both spouses to take the time to appreciate their differences and find common ground.  When you cannot find things in common with your spouse, you may be headed for trouble.  Spouses that are constantly passing each other and hardly spending any time together may end up finding that their divisions keep them separate.

Contempt or Anger

People that get angry have the tendency to act rashly, without thinking, which can lead to harmful behavior and hurtful conversations.  These conversations may lead you to say something that you will later regret, and the cycle may continue each and every day.  Working on your anger can help you overcome these issues.  However, chronic anger issues can lead to the end of your relationship.

These are some issues that may hint that it's time for you and your spouse to consider marriage therapy in Orlando.  Contact the professionals at Orlando Thrive Therapy and get started to make things right today.

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