Navigating Family Expectations

Navigating Family Expectations

Navigating Family Expectations

Meeting those Expectations 

The expectations of your family can be both challenging, stressful, harmful, and difficult to meet. Often, you may feel as though you are not living up to the expectations of your family, that they deserve more from you, or that you are a disappointment to your family. Therapists in Orlando would agree that this is not the case, and, in fact, you are meeting those expectations in your own way-just, not the way your family would have liked for you to meet them.

Pressures through Family

The pressures one may feel from their family can be immense and it can be very easy to allow your family to live your life for you. This is meant to address where you are living life the way your family wants you to do it and you are not allowing yourself to have the creation and building of your own identity. In fact, individual therapy in Orlando has noticed that the pressures one feels because of familial expectations can cause an identity crisis and cause a significant amount of stress and pressure on an individual.

Create your own identity

Therefore, individual therapy in Orlando is focused on you having your own identity and incorporating whom you want to be whether it has similarities with your family or not. Your family will have a way to do things but so will you. You are not failing, achieving, or lacking because you don’t do it the same way. You are living life and meeting the expectations in your own way and that is something to be celebrated, not hidden, or shamed away. You need to be able to appreciate yourself and admire yourself and allow yourself to be the person that would like to be as well. You deserve happiness if following in your family’s patterns or making your own make you happy, then that is all that matters-your happiness!

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