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Quality World: Achieving Love and Belonging


As we continue to explore the five basic needs in this Orlando Counseling series, it is important to remind yourself that change is always possible. In times of adversity, such as you may be experiencing now, there are still opportunities for you to THRIVE.  You have a choice to limit your vision to what feels like negative circumstances or to open your lens to what lies beyond. With so many external factors that are not within your control, it is even more important to remind yourself of that which you can control.

When you can narrow your focus to that which you have control of, you begin to hold the power to meet your basic needs again. This movement towards self-improvement must be an ever-evolving practice. In all areas of the five basic needs: Fun, Freedom, Love & Belonging, Power, and Survival. Taking an inventory of what you can influence and creating action plans to build a strong quality world.


Navigating Relationships

The basic need for love and belonging drives everyone to form relationships with others. It is important to remember that relationships do not happen to you, they happen because of you. This means that all of the unique qualities that make up you, combined with your actions and behaviors, attract people to you. Perhaps you have discovered that you have a good ability to form and maintain healthy connections. This basic need continues to be met for you and you understand what it looks like to have strong, supportive relationships with others.

 In Orlando counseling, it is often that people seek therapy because of bad relationships, or difficulty finding love. This basic need is not being met and it is smart to seek help for improving relationships. When you are in relationships with others do you ask yourself, “How do I feel when I am with this person?”, “Is it wrong to be with this person?”, “Am I safe with this person?”, and “What else can I learn about this person?” When these questions are not asked, or the answers indicate dissatisfaction, then self-exploration becomes a necessity for your quality world.


The most challenging aspect that can impede this basic need for love and belonging is when you lose your sense of self-identity.  This can lead to a lack of enjoyment, spontaneity, and satisfaction in the relationship. Dealing with co-dependency in a relationship that impacts other basic needs, such as freedom, fun, and power. This is why it is very important to seek help from an Orlando counselor for a toxic relationship. You have the power to choose who you will be. Understanding that you have the freedom of staying or not staying in the relationship, can begin the positive shift towards enhancing your quality world.

You are complex, emotional, and distinctive from anyone else. You are not meant to be kept down or hindered by outside entities attempting to direct your courses of action. Learning that you have the freedom to choose better, the freedom to be heard, and the freedom to be yourself is what allows you to create healthy love and belonging in your quality world. You get to decide which choices will be the best ones for you and which people will be the healthiest to connect with.


Use your basic birthright of freedom to experience authentic, healthy love and belonging. It is easy to avoid uncomfortable feelings or continue in habits that are not good for you, but your quality world will suffer. Instead, use your basic need of power and freedom to choose to self-advocate. Choose to feel free and to be heard.  Finding and experiencing love and belonging is not something that you should shy away from if you do not feel that you are good at it. You can choose to learn the underlying reasons why having a healthy relationship is hard for you. Put yourself first, do not make comparisons to others, make self-improvement a mission, be strong, and exercise your choices to make lasting change.   

The most valuable thing you can do for yourself is to create a space for personal growth. This can be done by talking to an Orlando counselor. In Orlando counseling sessions you can begin the process of self-exploration and see the choices laid out before you with a clear vision. Contact an expert today to get started and most of all, Be Proud Of Yourself.

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