Psychosomatic Symptoms: What Are They?

Psychosomatic Symptoms: What Are They?

Psychosomatic Symptoms: What Are They?

Oftentimes, we have clients seeking mental health counseling in Winter Garden for anxiety, help with worrying too much, or how to stop overthinking. Normally these are symptoms that uncover other underlying causes such as trauma or depression. That is why it is important to not suffer from anxiety or suffer from depression alone. Getting help from a mental health counselor in Winter Garden gives you the tools to understand your mental health better. One major focus that clients often become aware of when they seek counseling is psychosomatic symptoms.

Psychosomatic Symptoms

Psychosomatic symptoms are the symptoms in the physical body that you might not be aware of or might be causing even more worry and nervousness.  These types of anxiety symptoms or symptoms associated with depression can build up over time without giving you any reason. Everything that is in our cognitive thought processes can manifest itself in a different way when it comes to your physical body. Any symptoms that can arise from mental and cognitive distortions within the body are referred to as psychosomatic symptoms.

Physical Symptoms From Anxiety

Psychosomatic symptoms manifest themselves within the body and in our daily tendencies that we may not even give much thought to. For example, if you are stressed and nervous perhaps you will start to feel your stomach contract and hurt. The reasoning is that anxiety manifests itself in the abdomen area.  This means that what you may be feeling in your stomach might not be from what you ate or a solid workout, but it may be your body telling you that you are anxious about something.

Counseling in Winter Garden for anxiety or depression offers the answers to how you go about working through these psychosomatic symptoms. The first step is learning how to create self-awareness.  Self-awareness begins with determining what body region is affected by the mental health symptoms you are going through. Once you have created awareness it helps to reduce fear or worry because you can attribute it to a mental health cause.

How To Reduce Anxiety

One tip to reducing physical symptoms caused by depression, or learning how to stop physical symptoms caused by anxiety, is to begin increasing your physical activity. For example, if you are feeling sluggish and stressed then perhaps going for a nice walkabout will allow you to release some serotonin, a natural feel-good neurotransmitter. It will also place you in an environment that is supportive of clear thinking and will allow you to get some mental energy back. There is a reason why mental health and physical health are so interconnected. It all has to do with HEALTH. You just need to find the bridge that works for you!

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