How to Stay Present


In this Orlando counseling self-help series, let’s explore the art of how to stay present. I’m sure you have heard the importance of being mindful, staying present, and being in the here-and-now, but how does one do that? Is it really as easy as people seem to say? As an Orlando counselor working with individuals in anxiety therapy, I wanted to share some easy steps on how to stay present.


When your alarm rings to wake you in the morning, what thoughts immediately come to mind? Do you rush forward? Think of past events? Where do you automatically go with your thoughts?

When you’re taking your shower, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about your day, the meetings you may have, or the people you need to see? Do you start every day with a rundown of the tasks ahead?


Do you feel like you rush through your morning, your day, lost in thoughts of what’s next, what if’s and if only’s? If this is happening, than you are experiencing a difficulty with staying present and in the moment.

When this happens, you lose track of where you are. So if you are thinking about a meeting later in the day while showering, or enjoying breakfast with your spouse, you are actually at your meeting. You are just going through the motions of the day until that meeting.


This is the challenge that many of us face and can cause us to get into a mental cycle of high stress and anxiety.  As an Orlando anxiety counselor, I have seen a rise in the need for daily self-care habits that help my clients stay present. This art helps them find a way to stay grounded and learn how to stay calm during stress.

What does it mean to be present? It is when you can acknowledge what needs to be done but you stay aware of your surroundings and what you are currently doing. You focus on things that are in your control in the present time and leave everything that is out of your control out of your mind.


When you lose sight of being able to stay present in the moment you are unable to properly allow your physical and mental states to go through the process that they need to have you prepare for the day. This can lead you to forgetting something and or rushing through something just get to where you want to be.

Staying present and not giving all of your power to your future self allows you to live a more self-fulfilled life. It allows you to experience the things you have most looked forward to without the stress or anxiety of what awaits after the event of experience is over.


Staying present can be done through meditation, a mental checklist of what you see and recognize, or just deep breathing. The most important thing to remember is that life happens in small instances and to be able to enjoy all those instances is what leads to a fulfilled life. So...slow down, take a breath, and observe and enjoy where you are not and be present throughout your days. Most all of...

Be Proud of Yourself.

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