Five Common Causes of Suicide

Five Common Causes of Suicide

Five Common Causes of Suicide

Suicide affects hundreds of thousands of people each year.  Many people attempt suicide and others are even successful at ending their own life.  Unfortunately, these statistics continue to startle society as time passes, despite such awareness and exposure to the underlying causes.  As a company invested in individual counseling in Orlando, we hope to shed more light on this issue to help lower these numbers.  Suicide can be prevented when you understand the signs and causes that can lead someone to this tragic decision.  There are a few of the most common causes that bring many people to consider and attempt suicide.


Many people who consider suicide are plagued with severe depression.  This causes extreme sadness, isolation, sluggishness, unmotivated thoughts, and even lack of desire to live.  Depression affects millions of people, ranging from situational to permanent disorders.  Those who are suffering from a traumatic event may slip into a depression as a reaction, and others are suffering from depression as a mental health disorder all the time.  When you are suffering from depression, it is important to find people to talk to, trust, and open up to in order to develop a support system.

Substance Abuse

When someone is abusing drugs or alcohol, they have a higher likelihood of considering suicide.  These substances will impair their cognitive thought process, which can lead to dangerous and fatal decisions.  If you or someone you know is abusing drugs or alcohol, you will want to get the help you need right away.  Avoid going down a path of despair that can lead to irreversible destinations.

Family History of Suicide

Those who have family members who have committed suicide actually have a higher likelihood of contemplating suicide themselves.  Because of family history of suicide, they may contemplate the scenario that has already affected their lives in some way.  Families who are devastated by this tragedy are sadly more vulnerable to its affects than those who have never been exposed.

Abuse or Violence in the Home

Negative situations, such as child abuse, domestic abuse, or exposure to violence, inside the home can trigger many people to consider suicide as a way out.  Violence and abuse in the home often make people wonder how they will ever get away, and this leads to them fearing for their life.  When this occurs, they may believe suicide is a solution.  In reality, it is never the solution.

Access to Guns or Weapons

When guns and weapons are readily accessible, the chances of suicide are higher.  Having access to weapons can unfortunately make thoughts turn into actions much quicker, especially for those who are suffering from many negative thoughts already.  Also, this can create accidents that become irreversible. Be sure to keep your guns and weapons safely stowed to prevent any dangerous actions from taking place in your home.

These are a few of the devastating reasons why many people consider, attempt, and even reach success at ending their own life.  Because situations and circumstances vary from person-to-person, it is important to understand their sufferings and help them find productive solutions.  Simply being a shoulder to lean on can be a huge lifeline for those suffering thoughts of suicide.  If you or a loved one are having suicidal thoughts, you'll want to contact a profession in individual counseling in Orlando today to get the help you need to lead the life you deserve.

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