Decluttering Spaces Lead To Happier Places

Decluttering Spaces Lead To Happier Places

Decluttering Spaces Lead To Happier Places

Considering seeing a counselor in Orlando for anxiety or stress? There are many things that can have an effect on your mental health while living in central Florida. Talking to a counselor in Orlando about anxiety, depression, and stress can help you determine what factors might be contributing to your feelings. Stress can come from many places and various spaces. From stressful Orlando traffic to home life challenges, we can find sources of distress anywhere. When you see a counselor and get help for mental health symptoms, you will start to develop ways for lasting change. Counseling may not have the ability to fix rush hour traffic, but your counselor in Orlando can assist in helping make the places you surround yourself more therapeutic.

Cluttered Spaces Equals A Cluttered Mind.

Take a look at your home space, your car, your workspace. How do these spaces make you feel? Are they disorganized? Almost any counselor in Orlando will want you to take an inventory of your settings and where you spend the most time. There is psychological evidence that shows if you spend time in cluttered environments or messy rooms, then your mind will also feel cluttered too. It can inhibit your ability to relax, focus, or strategize about effective change. There is even counseling research to suggest it creates a barrier to your ability to process and function.

Free Your Space, Free Your Mind.

Take time this new year to practice more minimalism. This includes getting rid of “things” that don’t promote functionality or purpose in our everyday life. Consider rearranging your set up and reorganizing your space. As far as your commute in Orlando traffic, having a clean car that is fresh and organized can be one less thing to upset you when someone cuts you off. When you can take inventory of your areas and eliminate any excess clutter, you also eliminate additional triggers. If you are seeking a counselor in Orlando for anxiety or stress, this achieving this step will get you even closer to feeling better.

A counselor in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy can help assist you in the next step of how to de-clutter your mind once your space starts to free up. Creating healthy spaces and therapeutic environments is our number one priority because it makes it easier to then discuss thoughts and feelings. What can you do to make your home, your office, your car, anything you spend a grand amount of time in that can trigger stress, more therapeutic?

Areas To Conside

More open space.

Natural lighting.

Organizational bins or files.

Candles or oil diffusers.

Sort through your closet or junk drawers.

Empty out the fridge or cabinet.

Not only do these activities help you de-clutter and promote a clean space, but it’s also a coping skill you can turn to in future stressful situations.

If you or someone you know in the greater Orlando area is needing assistance in dealing with anxiety or depression, wants to make positive changes in their lives and don’t know where to start, contact Orlando Thrive Therapy. Our mental health counselors in Orlando can help provide you with the steps and feedback to make real changes. We service all of central Florida with our downtown counseling office. To speak to the author of this article directly, contact Mallory Hawkes. Thrive on.

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