Setting Goals for Individual Counseling

Setting Goals for Individual Counseling

Setting Goals for Individual Counseling

For many people, the process of seeking out individual counseling in Orlando can be a tough one. They may have been raised in an environment where people did not talk about their problems. Alternatively, they may feel that they do not deserve to get better. Regardless, setting individual goals can help you see why you need to attend your therapy sessions and help you identify the process that you are making. Goal setting has four purposes.

  • Motivational

    Setting goals can be a great way to motivate yourself. Motivation can come from wanting positive things in your life or as an effort to eliminate negative things from your life. Motivational goals are a great way to encourage yourself to stop saying that you want something to change and take action to see that something changes. Additionally, when you are motivated to accomplish a goal, it is easier to overcome the minor setbacks that you will encounter along the way.

  • Educational

    Setting goals helps an individual know what information they need to learn and what information can be saved to learn at a different time. You may find that you are like Mary who has been abused several times in your life, but you have already used great coping skills to get through those experiences. Now, however, you are having trouble with anorexia. Therefore, setting your goal allows you to focus on learning coping skills dealing with anorexia. You may also find that you are like Tom who believes that everything is his fault since he was continually blamed as a child. Until Tom can find his self-worth, he cannot work on his marriage issues.

  • Evaluative

    It is hard to know when you have arrived somewhere when you do not know where you are going. Setting goals allow you to identify how you will behave when you reach your goal. That is why goals should be written behaviorally after identifying your strengths. Behavioral goals give you a yardstick to measure your goals against, so you know when you are moving in the right direction.

  • Treatment Assessment

    Not every treatment is right for everyone. Those involved with individual counseling in Orlando can use your goals to see if a treatment is helping you move in the right direction. Then, they can monitor and adjust the goals so that you get the best help possible to help you achieve your goals in the least amount of time possible. Then, you can choose to end counseling or move on to tackling different goals helping you to thrive.

The first step in creating counseling goals is to set up an appointment with a highly qualified counselor in Orlando. Call Orlando Thrive Therapy to get started thriving, instead of just surviving, today. Their phone number is (407)592-8997 or you can send them an email at Heather Oller and her crew are ready to help you set your own goals for individual counseling for men and women along with leading you through life-coaching sessions. The future is brighter when you thrive!

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