Problems that Marriage Counselors can help you fix

Problems that Marriage Counselors can help you fix

Problems that Marriage Counselors can help you fix

Married couples seek counseling in Orlando for various reasons, and some problems are far too common in marriage which a lot of marriage counselors have witnessed. If you have been going through some problems in your marriage and you perhaps think counseling cannot help you, you would be surprised how many marriages counselors have helped get back on track. Check out some common marital problems that counseling in Orlando can help fix.

  • 1. Remarrying and bringing families together.

    A lot of divorcees find it hard to venture into marriage after their divorce. The thought of doing what they once ended all over again and bringing their family to meet an entirely different family scares them. Even statistics do not encourage second marriages as there is a higher rate of divorces for second marriages than first marriages. If you already have children, it gets even more complicated. However, all hope is not lost. Booking a session with a marriage counselor can help you get through that transition smoothly and overcome any remarriage obstacles.

  • 2. Mental health problems.

    If one partner has a mental health problem, it affects the marriage. Mental health problems like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia have their effects on the ability of the couple to have a healthy marriage. Going for counseling in Orlando while of course undergoing the right medical treatment will help the couple learn how to work together as a couple through the trying times.

  • 3. Grief

    There are different forms of grief and if not appropriately managed could impact a marriage negatively. It could be the loss of a relative, close friend, child or even pregnancy. All of these can get in the way of a smooth marriage, but if the couple goes for counseling in Orlando with an experienced marriage counselor, they will learn the best ways to manage their grief issues.

  • 4. Changes in Lifestyle

    If a married couple makes a major lifestyle change such as changing careers, having a child or moving to a new location, it could cause tension in their marriage. There will be drastic and unexpected changes which can unsettle the balance in the union. A marriage counselor can help identify their expectations and help them manage the sudden changes more effectively.

  • 5. Parenting Disagreements

    Some couples find it hard to agree on how to raise their children. Differences in parenting philosophies or strategies can cause conflict between parents which may take its toll on their marriage. Counseling in Orlando will point it out to the couple that they are not in competition but a team effort.

  • 6. Communication issues

    A happy and healthy marriage is one where the couple communicates properly. If the problem of communicating starts coming up in a marriage, it can make things harder. Communication problems lead to bigger issues like the inability to resolve conflicts, failure to conclude on solutions to problems and inability to make joint decisions. These problems can stress the marriage, and a marriage counselor can help with new communication skills for the couple.

If you are going through some problems that you have exhausted your strategies to fix them with your spouse, going for counseling in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy might help. Schedule an appointment with a marriage counselor today by calling us or sending an email.

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