Help! I'm Having Anxiety For No Reason

Help! I'm Having Anxiety For No Reason

Help! I'm Having Anxiety For No Reason

Or are you? When you think you are having anxiety for no reason maybe you think your anxiety “came out of the blue.” You may have thought you felt fine, then suddenly got anxious about nothing at all. This is a very common experience! Anxiety therapy experts in Orlando will tell you that if you don’t seek treatment quickly for anxiety symptoms, then you could find yourself having panic attacks, fearing certain situations, or avoiding people, work, or other things. The reason for this advice is that when you ignore anxiety symptoms, hoping they will just go away on their own, you are not addressing the root of the issue that started your anxiety in the first place. Anxiety counseling in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy partners you with an anxiety therapist that helps you eliminate anxiety at the root cause, so you can live your life without anxiety trying to control you.


Even when you love your job or career, you might be unable to motivate yourself for work when you have work anxiety or career stress not being managed well. When you begin to avoid your anxious feelings or try to cope with your anxiety in other ways, you start wanting to avoid work altogether. You don’t want to answer emails or attend meetings. The job and career you once loved no longer excite you. You may notice your work performance is suffering because you can’t concentrate or stay focused. This is the time that you need to reach out for help and learn how to overcome this anxiety loop before it destroys your livelihood. Young professionals, college students, lawyers, CEO’s, stay-at-home moms…everyone experiences stress, but when it manifests into anxiety symptoms it means it is time to seek anxiety therapy.


The biggest reason that you might struggle is because you are anxious about your health. When you fear that something is wrong with your health, you become overly sensitive to ailments, aches, and pains. This causes a chain reaction in your autonomic system called “flight or fight” and your body begins producing adrenalin every time you “think” something is wrong. Health anxiety is a very real thing that prevents you from living a joyful life without fear. It is very important to find out what is wrong with you and you search for answers everywhere. These leads often come up with nothing at the end, leaving you even more confused about your anxiety. You owe it to yourself to stop this negative loop and connect with an expert on anxiety who can help you overcome this today.


Anxiety comes in the way of many feelings. The anxious feelings that you can’t explain are normally physical symptoms you can’t control. Anxiety therapists don’t just want to relieve the symptoms, they want you to eliminate them altogether. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a research and evidence-based short-term treatment designed to restructure thought patterns that cause anxiety symptoms. When you begin taking care of your mental health, you start to see a change in your whole life. Your personal relationships that are negatively affected by anxiety will no longer be a problem. Your work performance will improve because anxiety will not rule your thoughts anymore. You will start to have more awareness of what you feel, how you think, and how much in charge of your body you can become. Taking care of yourself starts first finding the right resources to help you achieve your goals!


Going through life feeling anxious is no way to live. What surprises most people who start anxiety therapy is that it works very quickly and the best advice about this is to just start. Wishing anxiety will just go away or trying to find ways to get rid of anxiety naturally might lead you down dead ends. The best way to eliminate anxiety is to get help for it. Experts in the field of CBT, anxiety relief techniques, anxiety counseling, and anxiety therapy can teach you ways to get to the root causes. When that happens, your anxiety no longer remains in control of your life, and you begin to take over the driver seat!

Dealing with anxiety is awful and we understand how you feel. If you have work anxiety, career stress, health anxiety, cope with anxiety in unhealthy ways, or just want to eliminate anxiety altogether, contact us today by email or call Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching and Counseling in Orlando to start breaking those anxiety barriers!

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