Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Orlando

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Orlando

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Orlando

Cognitive behavioral therapy Orlando is the most effective therapy for treating anxiety. It is a therapy technique that does more than just highlight problems in your life by “talking” about them. It uses psychotherapy along with mindfulness to create connections between thought patterns and behaviors. Licensed mental health experts who use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Orlando see success within very short time frames due to how effectively CBT works. CBT works if you are someone dealing with anxiety, negative thought patterns, and finding yourself in a negative mindset that you can’t get out of. It will teach you how to break those mental barriers and overcome the physical symptoms you are having.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Orlando, also known as CBT, has been helping clients since the 1960’s. Its founder, Aaron T. Beck, was a psychiatrist who first discovered its success on patients suffering from depression. Over the decades it gained speed for psychotherapists because it is non-invasive and can be applied to any mental health condition. Therapists were able to see dramatic results with their clients suffering from PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, relationship issues, and everything in between. The structure of CBT makes it so easy to apply to everyday life, anyone can use the strategies once they have learned them.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works by helping you identify automatic thought patterns that you may not be aware of. While everyone has some awareness of their own thoughts, you may not be aware of the ones that are negatively impacting you. Your therapist will likely give you information on what is known as cognitive distortions and this framework will guide you through your sessions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches you to get to the root of your thought patterns that are faulty. What does a faulty thought pattern look like?

“I always feel anxious. I will never get over this.”

“Everyone thinks I am crazy.”

“I’m such a loser because I failed that test.”

“Yeah the party was fun, but all I can think about is how I forgot that one person’s name.”

“Nothing ever happens the way I want it to.”

“Bad things always happen to me.”

“I might as well give on dating again because I can’t make any relationship last.”

“I feel so sad and miserable. I must be depressed.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a structured type of therapy that can work with mental health issues that are mild to severe. Many prescribing physicians refer their clients to therapy for CBT because of how effective it is at helping change persistent thought patterns.

Starting Therapy The First Time

Starting therapy the first time can be scary. You might have seen movies that show the therapist sitting behind you picking your brain of all your childhood trauma. This is definitely not how your CBT sessions will go. Your therapist will want to find out about your history, but more in a way to find out what has brought you in or been causing you trouble. This is so they can start to understand your goals and create a treatment plan that will work best for you. Your therapist will be honest with you and let you know how many sessions you can expect to attend. They will also let you know how much therapy costs and how they plan to structure your sessions.

One thing to be sure of is that working with a professional in the mental health field will give you first-hand knowledge more beneficial than trying to figure out how to fix a bad mood on your own. Your therapist will be your biggest cheerleader and protect everything discussed by strict laws of confidentiality.


Beginning the process of therapy is the hardest step. Seeking help for anxiety or getting help for mental health issues is very important to self-care. You’re worth it. Call 407-592-8997 or email us today.

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