Marriage Therapy Or Divorce Counseling? How Does A Couple Choose The Right Help?

Marriage Therapy Or Divorce Counseling?

How Does A Couple Choose The Right Help?

Marriage Therapy Or Divorce Counseling?

Marriage therapy or divorce counseling is often considered as a last resort for a couple that has been trying to salvage a marriage that is failing. When a couple has reached the end of their rope and is considering all their options, a divorce counselor or a trained marriage therapist can help them sort out the emotional issues in a healthy way. Divorce counseling in Orlando can even include mediation for hot topics, co-parenting education, and developing a strategy for negotiating conflict. Any married couple looking for counseling in Orlando will discover that there are many options for resources. Where does a couple start and how do they know what will be the best fit for them?

A marriage at risk for divorce has already been under pressure for a while. The couple might have even discussed divorce or separation. Some couples have even begun living apart or sleeping in separate rooms, co-parenting children without a legal document finalizing their affairs. Divorce counseling in Orlando is a way for a couple to identify their goals for their family and weigh their options with a neutral, objective professional. A divorce counselor or a relationship expert is skilled at helping a couple develop an action plan for present issues and future needs.

Divorce Counseling Options

Marriage therapy doesn’t always end with a couple skipping happily out of the office into the sunset. Sometimes couples come to marriage therapy in Orlando with an agenda that they have already talked about regarding divorce or separation. There are even times when marriage therapy transitions to divorce counseling because a couple finally has a safe place to discuss things that they have been thinking about.

Divorce counseling and marriage therapy is confidential. A couple can be reassured that what they say in marriage therapy will be kept between them and their marriage counselor. Couples often have high emotions when they enter marriage therapy. It is helpful to have a professional on their side to walk them through their options, what to say to their children, and how to handle things that are happening at home. Divorce counseling in Orlando is a way for both people to feel heard, expressing their fears, concerns, and deciding if there is any chance of repairing the relationship.

Divorce Counseling Points To Consider

If you are considering divorce counseling or marriage therapy in Orlando, consider these key points for motivation to reach out for relationship help:

  • Impact on the children
  • Negative effects on your self-esteem
  • Increased anxiety, sadness, or hopelessness
  • Resentment leading to anger
  • Thoughts of infidelity
  • Fear of being alone
  • Fear of parenting alone
  • Concerns over money
  • Changes in social connections
  • Feeling unloved, unattractive, or neglected
  • Fantasizing about life outside of marriage

Knowing When Your Marriage Needs Help

If you have been feeling any of the above ways, chances are you and your relationship could benefit from counseling. Divorce and marriage both have consequences that are often not expected, overlooked, or underestimated. Marriage therapy in Orlando leads a couple to develop insight into their relationship issues and can pave way for them to improve their connection. Divorce counseling in Orlando is very much on the same level as marriage therapy. One or both partners in a marriage might have thought about divorce but haven’t talked about it out loud. The fear factor that surrounds divorce can make a couple more tempted to stay in an unhappy marriage longer than they should. This can have lasting negative effects on their individual self-esteem and can also negatively impact children.

These topics and many others are explored with a marriage and relationship expert. Having a neutral party that is outside your social networks gives you fresh perspective. That person is not related to you or your spouse and is able to objectively determine what is going wrong in your relationship. They can also give you honest, educated advice on how to identify any areas that can be worked on. Divorce counseling doesn’t always end in divorce. Sometimes a couple will learn that processing their issues openly with a professional allows them an opportunity to speak candidly for the first time. This alone can provide many partners in marriage relief and hope for improvement.

Divorce Counseling In Orlando

Couple and individuals benefit when they have a safe place to talk about how they are feeling and what they are experiencing. Marriage therapy and divorce counseling in Orlando is an excellent resource that gives a person a chance to gain awareness and solutions. People who are dealing with trouble in their marriage suffer with more anxiety symptoms, hopelessness, depression, and don’t feel a sense of peace about their future. They also struggle with feeling comfort in their home, family rituals, and lack that connection with their life partner. Research proves that when people are able to manage healthy relationships or make peaceful transitions out of marriage, they experience more happiness.

At Orlando Thrive Therapy in Orlando, a relationship expert can effectively talk you through any stage of your marriage or relationship. You can learn different ways to handle your marriage, create a better plan for your future, and confront issues head on. If you think your marriage is suffering or have considered divorce counseling in Orlando, send me an email today or call today to schedule a session. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you or your relationship get to where it needs to be.

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