Infertility: Are you or your spouse allowed to discuss it with people?

Infertility: Are you or your spouse allowed to discuss it with people?

Infertility: Are you or your spouse allowed to discuss it with people?

Infertility, though a medical issue and a private one at that sometimes requires some professional counseling from a counselor in Orlando for couples going through it in their marriage. The support is in most cases needed as it becomes a huge weight on anybody having this problem in their marriage.

Couples begin to ask themselves if they should confide in other people but in reality, there are advantages and disadvantages to telling people about this problem. While it makes sense to talk to people to get things off your mind, for infertility problems, apart from your doctor, you should only speak to a counselor in Orlando about it.

  • Problems that may arise from telling people

    The major problem with couples telling people about their infertility problem is the way those people are likely going to respond. There responses and comments may not proffer helpful solutions or sound as supportive as you want which defeats the purpose of telling them in the first place.

    You might get responses like "Why not just adopt?" or "Give it time, it will happen." Even though they mean well, these are probably not the kind of things you would like to hear. Sometimes, people have their own opinions about infertility, and if you tell them about the moves you are making such as using IVF, they might downplay your efforts and discourage you.

    Another issue is gossip. You probably told a friend, and within the week every mutual friend has heard about it. Even though you only wanted to share with that one person, but the moment you say it out loud to someone, you have no control over what happens with that information.

  • Does it make sense to tell anyone?

    Even though you should have reservations about telling anybody about this problem, there are those who will genuinely offer you the support and solutions that you need. You may even come across people who have been in similar situations, and they might give you pointers on how they solved the problem. You might find those who would be willing to provide you with emotional or financial support to get out of the situation.

  • Who should you tell?

    If you two will not keep the information to yourselves, you have to be come to an agreement on how you want to handle this information. If one of you wishes to keep it between the two of you, you both need to discuss and agree to it. If one person wants to tell their best friend for emotional support, you both need to have a proper discussion.

    In case anybody asks, you two should have a story to stick to as an answer, or you may choose to be vague about it by telling them you are working towards having children. The bottom line is that you two should know just how much you want to let on and how many people you would like to know.

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