4 Important Questions to Ask During Pre-Marriage Counseling

4 Important Questions to Ask During Pre-Marriage Counseling

4 Important Questions to Ask During Pre-Marriage Counseling

If you just got engaged, there are many feelings of joy and ecstasy that you will be feeling. In the midst of it all, there will also be niggles of apprehension and uncertainty that you can only lay to rest by asking important questions form your spouse. Marriage is a serious affair and you should not go into marriage without being as sure as you can be that you are making the right decision.

This is why more couples are going to seek counseling in Orlando before they get married. If you also consider current divorce rate, you can also see that something needs to be done to ensure that marriages start on the right foot. Pre-marriage counseling in Orlando is now popular and during these sessions, couples now have a chance to ask some very important questions from each other.

  1. How many children are ideal?

    While you both might agree that you want to start a family together, have you explored the composition of that family? One partner may not like kids and want just one while the other may a basketball team of five! This can cause division and conflict between engaged couples. Sometimes, this can cause serious friction especially when it comes up after the marriage has been finalised. Even if both of you are not certain of what you want to do, it’s always good to at least open the conversation.

  2. How do you want to manage household funds?

    One of the fastest killers of marriages is money issues. Before you say “I do”, talk to each other about financial planning. This is always on the top list of questions that pre-marriage counseling co-ordinators ask impending couples. Do you want to do joint accounts? Is either of you owing debts on credit cards or loan facilities? How much of savings is available together and individually? These questions are always awkward and filled with landmines but it is better to set them sooner than later.

  3. What is your work/life balance like?

    One spouse spending too much time at work can cause strains in marital life. This can be even worse when there are two workaholics in the relationship. You should know during counseling what kind of job your spouse does and how it will affect you in the future. If there are compatibility issues or a lack of, you should sit down together at any pre-marriage counseling in Orlando and discuss how to balance the two.

  4. Who does the house chores?

    Not everyone likes to do laundry, but it has to be done. You and your partner have to discuss how tasks at home will be shared. It may look like a petty issue, but you’d be surprised at how much trouble washing up after dinner will cause you. It could even cause enough frustration to make a couple dislike each other. Have the conversation about how to do chores, whether or not to hire domestic help and how best to split the work load.

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