Individual Therapist Orlando Weighs In On Dealing With Relationship Problems

Individual Therapist Orlando Weighs In On Dealing With Relationship Problems

Individual Therapist Orlando Weighs In On Dealing With Relationship Problems

Individual therapist Orlando weighs in on dealing with relationship problems and getting the best therapy help. It might seem like when you are having problems in a relationship, your first step should be to seek a counselor for both of you to see together. This isn’t always the case. As a matter of fact, the best therapy for individuals having trouble in a relationship, and looking for help, is to talk to someone alone. The benefits and advantages of therapy helps give a person objective feedback. This is a very different experience than getting counseling from your friends.

When it comes to having issues with maintaining relationships, dealing with a break-up, or picking the wrong partners, seeking individual counseling is the first place to start.

Individual Therapist Orlando Weighs In
On Dealing With Relationship Problems

Individual therapy can focus on themes that a person is experiencing in their relationships. This can include behaviors, thoughts, or cycles of abuse that keep happening in relationships. When a person starts any type of counseling, they begin by identifying goals for therapy. When this includes issues in a marriage, partnership, or a relationship, the counselor will almost always begin with you. If someone is dealing with relationship problems, they usually ask questions like:

  • 1. How to get along better with my boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • 2. Why do I keep picking the wrong partners?
  • 3. How can I learn to communicate better?
  • 4. Why do we fight all the time?
  • 5. What’s wrong with me?
  • 6. Why aren’t I good enough?
  • 7. Why do I feel so insecure in relationships?
  • 8. Why can’t I trust anyone?
  • 9. Why do I have such a hard time being alone?

These are just some of the common questions that prompt clients to enter therapy. Throughout the course of the therapeutic process, the individual will start to become more self-aware. The process of using an individual therapist Orlando gives you a mirror to look within yourself. That perspective shifts you from finding fault in other people or blaming the relationship to identifying your contributions.

Insight Into Relationship Problems
Individual Therapist Orlando

The reasons why people have problems in relationships are many. They often have nothing to do with the relationship itself and more to do with the individuals within the relationship. When an individual struggling with low self-esteem, difficulty trusting others, co-dependency issues, or abandonment issues tries to be in a healthy relationship, problems can emerge. Without truly understanding the root causes of these issues through cognitive behavioral therapy, individual counseling, or life coaching, then a person will repeat negative habits. The goal of any individual therapist will be to walk with you through self-discovery to uncover hidden obstacles that keep getting in the way of you getting the most out of your relationships.

Relationship Obstacles

  • Jealousy,
  • Trust,
  • Infidelity,
  • Lack of commitment,
  • Insecurities,
  • Dishonesty,
  • Disrespect,
  • Communicating negatively.

Individual Therapist orlando
Connecting With The Right Help


Looking for ways to learn more about yourself is what an individual therapist Orlando will help you do. Finding a professional that specializes in counseling that will help your unique situation begins with a little research. Individual therapy is a two-way street and a relationship. It will be a healthy exchange that will offer you the best support when you are learning things you may want to change within yourself.

If you have been asking yourself any of the above questions about your relationship or experiencing any of the above emotions, it makes sense to find out why. Counseling can happen with your partner or alone, but the most important thing is just to start.

Take some time before your first counseling session to truly reflect on your vision of what you want your future relationship to look like and how past relationships have gotten in the way of that.

If your main issues have been around maintaining healthy connections, primarily in love, then seeking help from someone who has experience with couples is a good idea. Even if they are not treating you with your partner, they will be able to educate you on what truly successful couples have in common. That way you can match that up with what your experiences have been like.

Individual counseling and therapy require commitment. The results are not seen overnight. It is very much like exercise. You can rest assured that with practice, and consistency, the benefits of therapy will be visible. You will start to notice that you begin to select different people to date, take less time to recover from break-ups, and that you know yourself better. When you learn more about you and what you contribute to any relationship, weaknesses and strengths, you can verbalize your needs and desires more efficiently. This leads to you getting your needs met much more quickly, but also to picking partners that can meet them.

Individual therapy is the best tool that can help you truly see yourself from an objective light. An individual therapist is trained to help you uncover those hidden aspects about yourself that might be negatively impacting your relationships. They also teach you skills to eliminate them.

Individual Therapist Orlando

It is never too late to get help. The worst thing is when people give up on love because they think they are too damaged to get better. This is often the first truly amazing thing they experience after talking to a professional individual therapist. They feel a sense of reassurance that hope is not lost and that within a short amount of time, and the right help from an individual therapist Orlando, they can have healthier relationships. If this article speaks to you, call 407-592-8997 at Orlando Thrive Therapy to find out how we can help.

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