The Needs That Change Throughout a Marriage

The Needs That Change Throughout a Marriage

The Needs That Change Throughout a Marriage

Marriages are a beautiful union between two people who decide to spend the rest of their lives together. While it’s exciting to start a journey with someone you love, the reality is that the journey will have its ups and downs. During the journey, the needs of each partner may change. What worked at the start of the marriage may no longer be enough in dealing with new situations. Change is inevitable, and relationships must adapt to thrive. This blog post will discuss the evolving needs of married couples that emerge throughout the marriage.

Emotional needs change

As people progress into old age, their emotional needs may change drastically. For example, at the start of the marriage, intimacy may be the primary emotional need. However, families, children, careers and other responsibilities may consume a lot of time and energy, making the need for intimacy less significant. Emotional needs such as companionship and quality time may become more important.

Physical needs change

As couples grow older, their physical needs may change too. Responsibilities such as home ownership and raising children may require a lot of physical energy. Inevitably, aging catches up with us all, and the physical condition of each partner can change. Sex and affection needs may also slow down as we age. Finding ways to connect physically will keep the spark alive.

Financial needs change

Finances are a leading cause of stress in a marriage. As couples age and the family grows, financial responsibilities increase, leading to a change in financial needs. A partner may be changing jobs or career paths, or the couple may be saving for a big purchase like a house or college. While finances will always be a source of contention, communication between partners should never cease.

Life phase transitions

As couples move through different life stages together, the changes in physical, emotional, and financial needs may significantly change. For example, when children move out of the home, the empty nest syndrome may become a new obstacle. Upon retirement, the amount of free time may dramatically change, leading to adjust needs. Understanding and supporting each other through challenges is critical to a lasting and thriving marriage.

New experiences

Change is inevitable, and unexpected events can happen at any moment. Couples who have gone through traumatic experiences such as job loss, chronic illness, or the death of a loved one are forced to adapt quickly to changes in both emotional and physical needs. By communicating feelings and supporting each other through change, each partner will feel loved and appreciated.


Marriage is a beautiful journey that takes work. Change is inevitable, and the needs of each partner will change during the marriage. Emotional, physical and financial needs may change along with life stages, from starting a family to retirement. Every marriage faces challenges. However, by communicating needs and supporting each other through life transitions, your relationship will not only survive but grow stronger than ever before. If you're seeking marriage counseling in Orlando, FL, contact Orlando Thrive Therapy today for more information.

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