Understanding the Different Stages of Marriage

Understanding the Different Stages of Marriage

Understanding the Different Stages of Marriage

Marriage is a long-term commitment that isn't always easy. Like all relationships, it will undergo different stages, but that doesn't mean it's not worth the effort. When you understand the different stages of marriage, it helps you prepare for what to expect and learn how to navigate them. In this blog post, we will discuss the different stages of marriage to help couples understand and appreciate their journey.

Stage One: The Honeymoon Stage

This stage usually starts in the early days of the marriage when couples are still getting to know each other. During this stage, everything seems bright and happy, and couples feel as though they’ve found their soul mate. Marriage maintenance will seem effortless, and most couples will feel like they understand each other with little to no misunderstandings. They make it a point to do things together and in most cases, they’re touchy-feely, demonstrative, and affectionate.

Stage Two: The Realization Stage

This stage is when couples start to accept the realities that come with being married. It dawns on both parties that they will have to make an effort to keep the relationship strong. During this stage, spouses learn that they may have entirely different ideas and perspectives when it comes to marriage maintenance. It's important to note that this stage can be a bit bumpy because couples tend to have a disagreement or two about what it means going forward.

Stage Three: The Challenge Stage

This stage is where most couples often struggle. During this stage, couples usually encounter severe obstacles and challenges. Difficulties may arise from commitments outside the marriage or pressures from finances, career changes, or parenting. Spouses may also experience trust issues and feel like one person is carrying the burden. For many couples, this is when they realize they need professional marriage therapy to navigate this stage successfully.

Stage Four: The Mature Love Stage

This stage is the highlight of a marriage. At this point, both partners understand and appreciate each other's positive and negative traits. They have weathered the storms together and have come out the other side more robust and wiser. Couples in this stage have a better understanding of what it means to love and support each other through the toughest times. They have made a conscious decision to stick by each other through thick and thin, knowing that their love has both matured and deepened.


Marriage isn't easy, and each stage comes with its challenges. However, by understanding the different stages of marriage, you can prepare yourself for what's to come. It's important to remember that all relationships go through stages, but it's how couples navigate them that ultimately matters. Seeking professional marriage therapy when things get tough is an excellent way for couples to ensure their success. If you’re looking for an experienced therapist in Orlando, FL, Orlando Thrive Therapy can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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