Understanding Caregiver Stress

Understanding Caregiver Stress

Understanding Caregiver Stress

Caregiving for a loved one is a rewarding labor of love. You can spend more time with someone you love and learn more about them. It feels good to give back to somebody who helped you in the past and improved your existence. Caregiving is a great way to honor someone you love.

However, you may have less time for yourself as your caregiving obligations increase. You may also notice your social circle and platforms shrinking. You don't have the time anymore to invest in the connections you used to relish. Fewer friends call, visit, or check in on you. All of your time is devoted to your loved one and their supervision. You may be overdue to head to the doctor or get a haircut. It might have been a while since you applied makeup. You may even notice yourself in the mirror and wonder who is looking back at you.

How does caregiver stress feel?

You find yourself Feeling like someone else. You may notice tears seem to fall at the drop of a hat, you feel sad when you think about your circumstances, your energy is declining, and you may want to sleep. However, you may not be able to sleep.

You feel overcome much of the time. Sometimes you feel like a powder keg ready to blow over minor things. You might even feel like the situation is hopeless and resentful that this is your life. This emotion may make it difficult to keep thoughts lucid or remain on task. You may even fail to do the easiest things, such as paying the bills or getting medicine. In addition, feeling overwhelmed and emotional make it more difficult to see others or do what you used to love.

Guilt may be something you experience more often. You don't want to do anything your loved one can't do with you. You don't like to leave them because, after all, you are the one who knows their care routine and how to make them more comfortable.

That is caregiver stress. If you experience it or have somebody close to you going through it, you understand firsthand how much it impacts every part of your day.

Your friends and family may try to help. You might even have agencies assisting with the care. They may advise you to go to the doctor, reach out to your spiritual support, and do things you used to adore. Yet, with all of this emotion, it is hard for you to see how you can leave your loved one and feel like the person you were before you became a caregiver.

Consider one thing you can change. It doesn't need to be a big thing. It can be accomplishing one thing for you. Vow to yourself that today and every day, you will achieve this one thing. You might even ask another person to do a small thing for you. The point is you recognize you require nurturing too.

It might be time to contemplate counseling. Contact us today to make an appointment with our counseling professionals. And if you need marriage counseling, Dr. Phillips has you covered!

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