The Silent Relationship Killer: Why Communication is Central in Any Relationship

The Silent Relationship Killer: Why Communication is Central in Any Relationship

The Silent Relationship Killer: Why Communication is Central in Any Relationship

Relationships are not always a bed of roses, and sometimes things can get rocky. But how do you tell when that rocky patch turns into something much worse? If you are currently experiencing difficulties in your relationship, it may be time to evaluate what’s causing them. As a couples therapist in Orlando, one major relationship killer I commonly come across is communication - or the lack of it. In this post, we will explore why communication is central to any relationship, how a lack of communication can harm your relationship, and what can be done about it.

Many Relationship Issues Stem from poor communication.

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and bad communication is one of the leading causes of relationship strife. When people think of communication, they often imagine the verbal back-and-forth that two people have when they are talking. But communication is not just talking; it is also about listening, understanding, and agreeing or disagreeing with what has been said.

A Lack of Communication leads to feeling disconnected.

Failing to communicate regularly can leave partners feeling disconnected and uninvolved in each other's lives. A lack of communication can lead one or both partners to feel unimportant and unheard, which can cause significant distress and lead to feelings of isolation, sadness, or even resentment. Over time, these feelings can gradually erode a relationship, leading to permanent damage.

Misunderstandings Can Escalate into Big Fights.

The absence of good communication can cause simple misunderstandings to escalate into big fights. Without good communication, it’s easy to assume and misunderstand things. This leads to a breakdown of trust as one partner may feel like they cannot rely on the other to understand their perspective. Misunderstandings arising from a lack of communication can also cause minor arguments that can easily amplify into significant fights and eventually relationship damage.

Suppressing Emotions affect Mental Health.

Failing to communicate openly with your partner means that you suppress your true emotions to avoid conflict, leading to psychological harm. Suppressed emotions can lead to anxiety, depression, and even physical issues. With enough suppression, an individual might disconnect from the relationship and begin unknowingly withdrawing from their output in the relationship.


Any relationship, whether romantic or otherwise, is only as strong as the communication between the required parties. The lack of communication is incredibly harmful and, if not addressed, can very easily break any relationship apart. Reflect upon your relationship and address how your communication patterns affect it. Are you and your partner talking honestly and openly, or are you bottling up your emotions, leading to misunderstandings and fights? If you find yourself struggling with communication or any other relationship issues, seek professional help by booking an appointment with Orlando Thrive Therapy. Here at Orlando Thrive Therapy, we believe you deserve to be heard, understood and valued. So, if you need someone to talk to, reach out to us today!


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