Questions to Ask Potential Therapists

Questions to Ask Potential Therapists

Questions to Ask Potential Therapists

By now, you may understand how many years a therapist, counselor, or psychologist has been in practice and how much instruction they have impacts their potential to help you. You also may have read about what approaches they will use if you visit them. However, the listings and other details may not give you much of a sense of how the provider works.

During your phone consultation, you will need to let the therapist know what sort of help you need. Just remember this isn'tisn't a counseling session, so explaining the situation in a few sentences will guarantee you still have time for your questions. Our experts on anxiety counseling in Orlando recommend asking the following questions when looking for a counselor:

Do my circumstances seem like something that you can assist me with?

Asking this question gives the therapist, counselor, or psychologist an opportunity to explain how they work. In addition, you will gain valuable insight into the approach and feel of the clinician and their warmth.

I believe I might work best with somebody who takes their time to help me get unstuck or puts their foot on the gas and forces me to move forward (whichever it is you require). Is this something you can provide for me?

Getting this fit with a provider may be one of the most critical considerations as you choose a professional for individual or anxiety therapy in Orlando. You may want to slow things down and take some time to understand what is transpiring in your life and with your feelings. However, you may want to work quickly and move forward as soon as possible at other times. Whatever you need here, if your therapist is operating on the opposing end of the spectrum, therapy is either too fast and overwhelming or too slow and not working. Having a suitable fit here means a lot. The mismatch may force you to leave therapy before receiving healing benefits.

Do you see patients weekly or every two weeks?

Participating in therapy weekly for several weeks usually results in better outcomes. But you might do better visiting a clinician less often. Having an adequate fit here means you and your provider are on the same page.

Do you accept my insurance (if you intend to use it), or are you out of network?

Doing emotional work is an economic investment in you. You may prefer to be out of network because it offers you more options as you launch your healing journey. Understanding this going into the process can ease your worry about the cost, something you don't want to overwhelm your thoughts. Instead, you want to concentrate on your healing.

We hope this helps you find the right therapist in central Florida. However, if you are still feeling stuck, feel free to contact us for a free phone consultation. We'd happily listen to what is happening and help lead you to the right provider. We offer various counseling options and treatments, including anxiety counseling in Orlando. We are here to help!

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