Myths About Counseling

Myths About Counseling

Myths About Counseling

You may have been searching for a therapist, counselor, or psychotherapist in Orlando, FL, for a while. As you understand, there are many clinicians in our region. While that can be amazing, knowing who to pick can be confusing. You may have questioned a few therapists and know who seems like a good fit. Nevertheless, you may still have inquiries about therapy and counseling. That is completely normal.

Once you choose to begin therapy, you may still feel some anxiety. It may even be frightening to begin therapy. Our expert on couples counseling in Orlando wants to help get you the answers you require to overcome this roadblock. Counseling professionals want you to live a better life. Below is a list of familiar myths some people have about treatment and counseling.

I can talk to my friend.

Having a dependable friend is critical. However, your friend may or may not be capable of meeting you where you are and holding a safe space for you to grow. Having confidentiality, honesty, and security allows you to overcome some thoughts that may keep you from digging in deep and evolving as much as you can evolve. If you are nervous that your friend will tell others or judge you, you might only share the safe things. Sharing more of the narrative and learning how it impacts you is where much of the development happens in counseling. A counselor or therapist will supply a safe and confidential area for you to be genuine. Often people attending therapy discover themselves in a remarkable way that only a safe space supplies.

I have to use my insurance.

You may or may not carry insurance. If you carry insurance, it may have a benefit for counseling. Carrying insurance doesn't necessarily suggest you must use it. You might make the decision, after questioning several therapists, to work with a provider who is out of network (OON). Discovering the best fit and somebody you trust can be worth the expense. Having the proper clinician with you on this expedition can make a huge difference. If you prefer not to use your insurance, your therapist won't transmit the records to the insurance carrier, which may provide you with an added layer of security and protection. You will need to decide how critical it is for others to read your records.

Psychotherapy just won't work for me.

People who are tired of hurting and want to heal usually do! Knowing your 'why' for beginning therapy can give you a sense of direction and a straightforward goal. You should also jot down several ways your life may be different if the pain went away or was well managed. Keep this note handy throughout your counseling expedition, and refer to it regularly. Never forget your 'why!'

These are a few myths you might hear about therapy. Contact us today for individual, trauma, family, marriage, or couple's counseling in Orlando. We are here to help you live your best life!

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