Mental Health Check-Ups // An Orlando Counselor Weighs In

Mental Health Check-Ups // An Orlando Counselor Weighs In

Mental Health Check-Ups // An Orlando Counselor Weighs In

How often are you checking in with yourself? Our thoughts and our feelings are very much linked to our behavior. If we are not taking the time to reflect on the day, situations that bothered us, or emotions we’ve been avoiding we can experience adverse side effects. These types of avoidance behaviors can lead to feelings of low motivation, burnout, stress, and other negative psychological responses.

Frequent self-reflection can help us uncover certain things about us that we may typically overlook as we go about our daily lives. Taking the time to check in with ourselves is a critical skill to help enhance self-awareness.

Checking In With Yourself

Studies have shown that self-checks can provide an overall sense of well-being, improved mood, and better emotional regulation skills. The more aware that we become of our personal experiences, the easier it becomes for us to understand our emotions, thoughts, and our behaviors. Through continued practice, we not only develop a strong sense of self, but we can also promote positive behavioral changes.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself:

  • What is my mood like today?
  • What has been bothering me lately?
  • Is my body receiving its basic needs?
  • What can I do to bring myself joy today?

Try practicing answering these questions regularly and see if you notice a difference in your overall mood. 

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Heather Oller is the owner and founder of Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling. She is a licensed counselor and a family mediator who has over 23 years of dedicated work as a professional in the mental health field. Through her company's mission, she continues to pave the way for future therapists, and their clients, who want a higher quality of life....and who want to thrive, rather than just survive. You can contact Orlando Thrive Therapy at (407) 592-8997 for more information.