How EMDR Counseling Can Help You Overcome PTSD

How EMDR Counseling Can Help You Overcome PTSD

How EMDR Counseling Can Help You Overcome PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a debilitating mental health condition that can affect anyone who has experienced a traumatic event. It can lead to flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety attacks, making it difficult for the person to lead a normal life. While there are different types of counseling that can help individuals with PTSD symptoms, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is gaining popularity for its effectiveness in treating this condition. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at EMDR therapy and how it can be a good choice for individuals suffering from PTSD.

What is EMDR therapy?

EMDR therapy is a type of psychotherapy that was developed to help individuals deal with the negative feelings, memories, and emotions associated with traumatic events. It involves recalling the traumatic event while at the same time, introducing a form of bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements, tapping, or sounds, to help the individual process the trauma. This process helps the client reframe the traumatic event and the accompanying feelings, leading to a reduction in symptoms.

How does EMDR therapy work?

The process of EMDR therapy involves an eight-phase model, that allows the client to focus on different aspects of their feelings and emotional response to the traumatic event, while simultaneously introducing a form of bilateral stimulation. This helps the client feel less overwhelmed and anxious towards their traumatic experience, allowing them to process the event in a more manageable and controlled way, reducing negative symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, and anxiety attacks.

Why is EMDR therapy a good choice for individuals with PTSD?

Research shows that EMDR therapy has been effective in treating PTSD while also helping individuals deal with other co-occurring mental health conditions. Compared to other types of psychotherapy that may require more sessions, EMDR therapy usually takes fewer sessions to achieve positive results while encouraging the client to take an active role in their recovery. This empowerment is crucial during psychotherapy because healing also requires a client's willingness to take control of the traumatic event situation and work towards a healthy solution.

Is EMDR therapy right for you?

If you have previously experienced a traumatic event and are exhibiting symptoms of PTSD, EMDR therapy can help. It’s important to speak to a licensed therapist who is well-versed in this type of psychotherapy treatment so you can determine the course of treatment or complement your current therapy. But if you are looking for EMDR therapy in Winter Park, FL, you can reach out to Orlando Thrive Psychotherapy today to learn more about this particular form of PTSD treatment option.


EMDR therapy is an effective and powerful treatment option for individuals dealing with PTSD. It employs an eight-phase approach that is designed to help clients carefully reframe the event that is causing them distress, leading to a reduction in negative symptoms. Compared to other treatments options, EMDR therapy is far quicker and less invasive, requiring fewer sessions to achieve positive results. If you or someone you know is experiencing PTSD symptoms, is looking for EMDR Therapy in Winter Park, FL, or requires an experienced therapist, reach out to Orlando Thrive Psychotherapy today for more information.

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