FAQs About Therapy

FAQs About Therapy

FAQs About Therapy

Many people get anxious about going to therapy, especially if it is their first time. Our marriage counselor in Orlando answers some of your frequently asked questions about therapy.

Will I need to attend therapy forever?

No. The purpose of therapy and counseling is to help you acquire skills that will help you mature and lead a better life. Different individuals will attend therapy for different periods. Your time in treatment may be a few weeks or several months. This is a determination you will make with your therapist based on your plan for your life. During the first visit, the provider will ask you about that plan. Using your 'why' list for seeking therapy can help you articulate what you desire for your life. After the first visit, your therapist will ask you how close you feel to your objective. Occasionally you will modify your goal and decide to remain in therapy until you reach your new goal.

Will my provider make me do things that are too painful for me?

No. It is expected for your therapist to introduce skills that help you grow. You may not have ever tried things that your therapist will teach you. But, it can be a time to try new thinking or behavior options that may evolve into a new habit. A habit that helps push you toward your goal and your 'why.' If you feel awkward about something, it is a wonderful time to chat with your therapist and examine it more. Understanding what is causing the feeling of being uncomfortable may be the growth you require at that moment.

What is the first visit like?

Your therapist will probably ask you to provide historical information before the first session. This information allows them to dig right in at the first session and help you reach your goal. It is typical for the therapist to review and respond to questions about their procedures and policies, so bring your questions. The next objective of the first session is to get an assessment. Your therapist builds from the history you provided and then works to understand what is happening for you, how it is transforming your life, and your purpose. In the remaining time, you and your provider may spend time developing a few goals for what you would like to accomplish over the next week.

Is there homework?

Perhaps. Homework is relatively common. Getting emotions out during therapy is critical. Sometimes the purpose of homework is to help you understand when emotions or behaviors come up. Sometimes the purpose of homework is to rehearse a skill you discovered during therapy. Doing homework might improve your therapy outcomes and help you reach your goal. Homework supplies a time to bond with yourself and what is occurring, and it can supply more opportunities to rehearse a new skill.

These are some frequently asked questions about therapy. Contact us if you need to see an individual, anxiety, couple, or marriage counselor in Orlando. We want to help you live your best life.

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