FAQs About Counseling

FAQs About Counseling

FAQs About Counseling

You realize that you want your life to be more pleasing. Experiencing the pain of Depression, Anxiety, or Grief is getting to be too much to handle. Having a counselor or therapist would help a lot, but you have a ton of questions about therapy and marriage counseling in Orlando. You have done your homework and spoken with a few therapists, and you discovered a therapist who seems nice enough. Most of the time, the questions about what to anticipate and how this will work are on your mind. That is expected. It is a huge step to go to your first session.

We want your experience with therapy and counseling in Central Florida to be the best it can possibly be! So here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) most people have about beginning therapy:

Will I need to tell my counselor everything?

No, you don't need to tell your therapist everything. It is normal to feel like going to therapy indicates that you are now an open book. You will want to converse about things that are comfortable. Nevertheless, if there are things you want to share but they are challenging to express, your therapist can help. Your therapist or counselor can spend additional time during your sessions to help you start to feel more comfortable with what you share. Some people feel more awkward sharing in the beginning but understand that it does become more manageable.

Will my friends and relatives know I am in counseling?

Only if you request that your therapist lets them know. You and your provider will talk about confidentiality during the initial session. Therapists are bound to keep your information confidential and only provide it to individuals and organizations you request them to. You can let your therapist know how you like to be contacted or not be contacted. Sometimes not accepting texts or mail at home makes a lot of sense. Your counselor must let others know if you might harm yourself or someone else.

Will people think I am crazy or worthless because I attend counseling?

You don't need to tell your relatives or friends about your therapeutic journey in counseling. Your therapist or counselor is bound by the laws of confidentiality and will not inform them you are in therapy. However, if your friends or relatives learn you are going to therapy or counseling, it may be challenging not to know what they will think. More people understand the significance of therapy, and the stigma of doing emotional work during therapy is decreasing, and knowing your 'why' may help you with this concern. Take a sticky note and jot down ten reasons you are going to therapy. Put this memo where you can see it several times per day. This is your 'why!' It is brave to make the decision to enhance your life. Just knowing your 'why' can help you remain focused on what you require to do for yourself and disregard what others may think or do.

These are some FAQs about counseling. Contact us if you need individual, anxiety, or marriage counseling in Orlando. We want to help you live your best life!

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