Why Do I Keep Sabotaging My Happiness?

Why Do I Keep Sabotaging My Happiness?

Why Do I Keep Sabotaging My Happiness?

Individual therapists in Orlando focus on working with people to uncover the nature behind their question, "why do I keep acting this way?" If you are feeling out of control or like you want to know how to stop negative behaviors, a psychotherapist in Orlando can help. The reasonings behind repeating negative behaviors could be a reflection of not knowing how to deal with past trauma, feeling a lack of affection, or not having your needs fulfilled in early life.

A recurring theme seen throughout mindful therapy in Orlando is the desire to understand the reasons behind self-sabotaging behaviors. These are behaviors that make you feel depressed. anxious, or out of control. These behaviors often diminish or remove any progress or happiness in a person’s life. Continuing to repeat self-sabotaging behaviors is damaging in the long run and when you don't know how to stop sabotaging yourself, you never reach true happiness. Working with a trusted counselor who is objective and neutral will help you gain insight into this toxic defense mechanism so that you can make progress toward a fulfilling life.

Are You Self-Sabotaging?

Self-sabotage could be due to negative childhood events and external dialogue that latches to the identity of an individual. Self-sabotage as a defense mechanism is also noticeable as feeling that their past mistakes or errors are what the world, family, and/or peers are only going to see. Essentially, it is an anxious pathway to catastrophizing or seeing an anxious reality rather than the present. This is where the person tends to be looking at the world as waiting to pass negative judgment. A good way to know if you are self-sabotaging is by listening to your internal dialogue. If you focus on the negatives, then immediately follow them with “improvements,” then there is a self-sabotaging tendency. That habit needs to be therapeutically addressed.

Changing Patterns of Self-Sabotage

A great way to cope with self-sabotaging actions, dialogue, and behaviors is through individual cognitive-behavioral therapy in Orlando. This will help rewrite negative thought processes and behaviors. This type of therapy is also great for uncovering the reasoning that these dialogues and behaviors persist. Challenging these thought processes can not only be beneficial to a person's mental health but can also result in positive life-changing actions.

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