What is In-Home Therapy?

What is In-Home Therapy?

What is In-Home Therapy?

You have reached the point where you and your partner are ready for couples therapy, but don’t know if you want to go to an office each week. Dr. Philips offers in home couples, family and individual therapy. While the therapeutic process will be the same, you can feel a sense of comfort by having a therapist come to you. Each session in your home will focus on the presenting problem that you are having as an individual, a couple or within your family unit. The therapist will intertwine techniques and resources based on specific needs during the in- home session.

Who Is In-Home Therapy Good For?

In-home therapy is great for anyone who feels more comfortable receiving therapeutic services in their own home, or who lives busy lives where time is of the essence. Marriage therapy or family sessions can often be hard to coordinate. In-home marriage therapy in Dr. Phillips makes it easier for couples, and families to receive services. Dr. Phillips's in-home therapists have a wide range of availability to meet the needs of couples, individuals, and families including some Saturday availability.

Type of In-Home Therapy.

  • Personal and emotional issues such as anxiety depression or PTSD. include anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress.
  • Family issues including relationship building, communication, conflict management and problem-solving. It may also reduce stress and build up a family's strengths.
  • Marriage counseling may improve intimacy and help resolve conflicts.

Why In-Home Therapy?

When treatment is provided in a client’s home, the therapeutic relationship may develop more quickly, due to people in therapy being more relaxed in their own homes than in an office. Instead of relying on self-reporting, therapists may get deeper insights from seeing how and where people live. As a result, effective treatment can progress, and resolving issues may happen more easily.

Seeking In-Home Therapy

If you have been seeking an in-home therapist to help with your marriage, family, or self, it is important to make sure you do your research. Finding a marriage therapist that comes to a home should be from a professional therapist trained in family systems. Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling for more information and to find out if this exclusive therapy service is right for you.

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