What is Burnout?

What is Burnout?

What is Burnout?

Burn-out is a state of chronic exhaustion that occurs after a prolonged period of stress. Dr. Phillips counselors work with teachers who are experiencing burn-out due to the stressful demands of a career in education. Burn-out in teachers can take many forms including exhaustion, depression and withdrawal. This can feel like the Sunday blues, the Sunday night anxiety and dread of the upcoming work week.

Causes of Burnout in Teachers

  1. Lack of Time: Teachers often have a difficult time with a work-life balance. Between bringing home papers to grade, lesson planning on the weekends and making follow-up calls to families this lack of balance can cause job dissatisfaction.
  2. High Demands: More than ever teachers are being asked to do more, with less resources, and funds.
  3. Lack of Compensation: Many teachers have advanced degrees. Teachers are paid from the beginning to the end of the day, even though many educators bring home papers to grade, and lesson plans to create because time is not built during the workday.

What Can Help Teacher Job Burn-Out?

Whether it is your first year or 15th year of teaching, burnout can happen! Reach out to Dr. Phillips counseling office to learn coping and stress techniques to help you through your teaching career. Understanding the specific demands and needs of teachers is a specialty in Dr. Phillips. Using a variety of methods including CBT, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness to help reduce the cause of burnout can improve your quality of life and career path. Contact a counselor who specializes in anxiety, and knows how to help you overcome stress through therapy today.

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