Visualization of Catastrophe

Visualization of Catastrophe

Visualization of Catastrophe

Visualization in individual therapy in Dr. Phillips can be a very powerful tool to improve the livelihood of the person. Therapists in Dr. Phillips use this skill to vastly improve the performance of the clients that come and see them. However, individuals tend to do visualization much more than they realize, it just comes off as a different perception and realization.

Negative Visualization

Individuals, according to individual therapists in Dr. Phillips, tend to do a visualization of catastrophe rather than a visualization of positivity. The catastrophe visualization stems from seeing everything that can go wrong and creating a feeling that the person is not prepared for a vast majority of those things. This blocks up a vast amount of mental energy and allows the person to only see the negative rather than the good.

Positive Visualization

Positive visualization can take practice and become your most powerful tool to help overcome negativity. If the person is struggling with seeing only the bad, working with an individual therapist in Dr. Phillips can restructure this negative imagery into a more positive one. This is where you can see the good, and the strengths, and develop the mindset to overcome uncertainty. This way you can learn how to overcome anxiety and put it on the back burner, creating space for full appreciation of your ability to choose how you view yourself and everything around you.

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