Using Meditation to Cope with Grief

Using Meditation to Cope with Grief

Using Meditation to Cope with Grief

Managing grief is one of the most challenging things in life that we must unfortunately encounter. The finality of losing somebody we love can cause us to feel anger, anxiety, or depression.

When coping with grief, it might feel like you cannot move forward, or you don't understand how you can keep living in a world without your loved one in it.

How You Start to Cope with Grief and Loss

To help deal with these extreme and overwhelming feelings, turning to meditation can be helpful. Meditation is a method of calm and silence, where the frantic thoughts and worries in your head are hushed for a moment of contemplation or mindfulness. Then, through reflection, you can start to calm your feelings, assess your emotions, and reach a place of acceptance and harmony.

A Meditation to Manage your Grief

Choose a peaceful, comfortable place to sit where you can be isolated for 15 to 20 minutes. Play some soothing ambient music if you prefer. Shut your eyes and start by taking gradually mindful, and natural deep breaths: in through your nose, then exhale progressively. Try to drive away any thoughts or fears and concentrate only on existing in the moment. Imagine the face of the person you're missing, and visualize them in front of you now. You can envision that their spirit is there with you, or you can simply picture their face.

Communicate anything you'd like to them. Concentrate on making the discussion loving and compassionate. If you prefer, you can reimagine a memory. Place yourself back in time with your loved one and visualize encountering everything in the moment. Thank your loved one for coming to see you. Visualize a peaceful and gentle goodbye. Gradually bring your awareness back to the room. Experience your body's energy from the top of your crown to your toes as you take gradual and natural deep breaths. Practice this meditation any time you sense the need to do so.

Additional resources

There are apps you can download for your phone or tablet to help steer you through various meditations; just search for meditation in your App Store. You can also explore YouTube for meditations for grief and attempt the guided meditations available there for no cost.

There is no single way to grieve; everybody grieves differently. There's also no timetable or deadline. The voyage of grief is a very personal one, and the best way to get through it is to face the emotions you're encountering as they come.

As a provider of individual counseling in Orlando, we want to supply you with as many resources for grief as possible. You can discover more resources related to grief or meditation throughout our website.

If you're having problems moving forward after losing somebody you love and would appreciate some help, please contact us today so we can set up a visit with a caring therapist, depending on your unique situation.

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