Two Reasons to Seek Individual Therapy Instead of Couples Therapy

Two Reasons to Seek Individual Therapy Instead of Couples Therapy

Two Reasons to Seek Individual Therapy Instead of Couples Therapy

Couples therapy sessions are useful when partners have constant debates about the same thing, feel emotionally detached from one another, manage momentous life transitions like having a child or marrying, or carry sex and intimacy-related problems. But there are moments when pursuing individual therapy can also help support a relationship. Our counselor in Winter Park suggests these two occasions that signal the demand for individual treatment to enhance romantic connections:

Familiar emotions

Suppose you discover that some of the problems you are having within your partnership are not necessarily fresh and relatively parallel to problems you encountered growing up within your household. In that circumstance, it may be helpful to proceed with individual therapy sessions. For instance, it might be that you did not feel listened to as a kid. Now you are not feeling like your spouse hears you, or maybe you noticed your parents screaming at each other repeatedly, and now you are yelling when you and your companion have conflicts. Regardless of the cause, the past is influencing the present. Noticing these sensations coming up again in your life can generate insecurity and anxiety.

Processing the parallels and contrasts your mate has with your family will be vital for your individual therapy. Therapy sessions can help you create improved dynamics within your romantic connection regardless of how alike or distinct your significant other is to either of your parents. Realizing forgiveness within yourself in the face of raw spots and stimuli is crucial to enhancing your well-being and all of your connections.

Past traumas

There are obvious traumatic events and less than transparent traumas that can impact how a person operates within a relationship. Some of the more obvious traumas include surviving sexual or physical abuse, whether as a kid or an adult and seeing violence within your home while you were maturing. Some less apparent traumas that have deep effects may include having a parent who used drugs or alcohol, being screamed at or spanked too much during youth, and not having enough attention because of events at home. In addition, encountering sudden unresolved loss or having origins in a culture that encountered a history of generational trauma are less apparent examples of trauma. Experiences like these can activate emotional reactions within even the most wholesome of our future connections. They have become an important part of who we are and are permanently ingrained within our bodies. Couples therapy can often bring about the finding of these traumas even when we do our best to overlook them.

Traumatic events merit their own outlet for expression and recovery. Dealing with the consequences of personal traumatic circumstances should not be managed within couple's therapy sessions and instead demands the one-on-one concentration offered by individual therapy with a counselor in Winter Park. Individual therapy sessions will permit you and your therapist to adjust to these issues without regarding the impact on your spouse. A therapist providing personal attention to your courage in living through such circumstances is the only way to produce the trust, security, and closeness required to effectively mend the discomfort and change your responses regarding the trauma you have suffered.

Relationships are challenging but can be much more complicated when things from our history affect them. Seeking individual therapy can help you get on a more promising personal track and enhance your romantic relationship. Contact us today for more details on the many treatment options available to support you in getting to a more satisfactory place in your life. We are here to assist you in finding the well-being you are craving.

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