Treating Your Anxiety Disorder

Treating Your Anxiety Disorder

Treating Your Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety that is not situational or does not fade quickly over a short time is usually the consequence of an anxiety disorder. Some anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Coping with anxiety disorders is nearly impossible without the guidance and treatment delivered by a therapist in Windermere.

Seeing a therapist for your anxiety disorder

Research indicates that most anxiety disorders have similar underlying functions, though they are pretty different in their signs and presentation. Individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders get overwhelmed quickly by their thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and emotions then initiate negative reactions in a person that they can't manage alone. One standard coping mechanism is avoidance of experiences or situations that trigger anxiety. However, this avoidance is not the solution in most circumstances and causes increased anxiety.

Counselors are professionally qualified to treat and diagnose anxiety disorders and are equipped to help patients learn effective, healthy coping mechanisms for managing their illness. Many therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help effectively treat anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, gives therapists the tools to help their patients recognize and cope with the elements at the root of their condition.

This therapy helps patients understand how thoughts contribute to anxiety symptoms. Learning to change their thought patterns effectively helps reduce the intensity and probability of complex anxiety symptoms.

The behavioral aspect of this therapy offers patients the talent to eradicate undesirable behaviors underlying their disorder. In many circumstances, this requires the patient to confront the situations and activities that provoke the anxiety so they understand that the results they fear are unlikely to actually happen.

What to expect from anxiety therapy

Anxiety counseling demands collaboration between patients and providers to identify their specific issues and devise a plan with strategies and tangible skills to manage anxiety. Patients learn to manage their anxiety in tense circumstances by practicing their newfound aptitudes outside therapy sessions. Still, a professional will not pressure a patient until it is evident they are well equipped to employ the skills they learn to face their fears effectively.

In addition to CBT, therapists often use other treatment approaches. For instance, some therapists recommend group therapy sessions that usually include several patients suffering from anxiety disorders discussing their experiences. Group counseling delivers patients a higher tier of support and is generally effective in treating anxiety disorders.

In some circumstances, a therapist might recommend family therapy to help a patient's family better understand a loved one's struggle with anxiety and learn interaction skills that discourage the patient's anxious responses. Children and teens struggling with anxiety usually find meaningful improvements with family therapy.

Though individuals struggling with anxiety disorders often feel no hope of getting better, anxiety disorders are highly treatable with professional intervention. Some patients witness marked progress after just a few visits, while others eliminate or decrease their symptoms with several months of counseling.

Professional counselors help you cope and eliminate anxiety symptoms. They design a treatment plan based on your needs to satisfy your mental health demands. Contact us now to see a therapist in Windermere. We want to help you discover a practical treatment approach and eradicate anxiety's effects on your life.

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