Tips and Tricks for Improved Mental Health

Tips and Tricks for Improved Mental Health

Tips and Tricks for Improved Mental Health

Everyone loves feeling good and having optimal mental health. So, our experts on counseling in Windermere offer these tips and tricks for optimal mental health and overall wellbeing:

Improve your physical health

While most people think of mental health as being associated with their brains, a healthy body will help your mind flourish, heal, reflect, and relax. You can give your mind the resources it requires to stay healthy to boost your mental health and improve your resilience. Physical health looks different to everyone. Our lifestyles, histories, preferences, and bodies are all unique. Even if we all practiced the same health routine, not everyone would feel fabulous- and many people might feel frustrated and stressed out. The following tips should be tailored to your personal needs by being attentive to what is energizing, accessible, and authentic for you. Here are ways to improve your physical health to allow your mind to thrive:

  • Exercise: There are millions of ways to move your body and raise your heart rate. Try some fun ways to get your heart pumping and move your body, allowing your mind the fuel needed to make your mental health a priority. Some of our favorites include: dance parties, laughing, walking your dog, jumping on the bed, and learning yoga.
  • Eat healthy: This does not mean dieting! Healthy eating does not require depriving yourself of the foods you love. Instead, it means finding a balance of various vitamins and nutrients while not going overboard with less nutritional options. Healthy eating is a balancing act that will rely on your preferences, goals, and body needs. We suggest making a goal to give your body the food it needs to energize your mental health instead of focusing on the number you see on a scale.
  • Get ample sleep: While sleeping, our brains go through many critical processes that affect our cognitive abilities, memories, moods, etc. It is generally accepted that eight hours of sleep per day is healthy for your body and brain. Your first step toward establishing a healthy sleep routine is good sleep hygiene. This might mean practicing aromatherapy, turning off screens an hour before bed, or setting a bedtime for yourself. Naps can also be helpful tools for getting the right amount of sleep to feed your body and mind.

Make genuine connections with others

Having genuine, beneficial relationships with others is a healthy habit to develop. This means avoiding toxic or harmful relationships that drain your energy and mood. There are many ways to build healthy relationships in your daily routine. First, consider who you like spending time with and what you love to do. This might be specific personalities or certain people, hobbies, or social activism that makes you feel like you are making a real difference. By prioritizing spending time with people and doing things that boost your happiness, you are making your mental health a priority. Try the following ideas for making genuine connections:

  • Date night will give you and your partner a chance to have fun, bond, and learn more about each other.
  • Host a family video call or call your family members to stay connected with the people you love. This will probably help them as much as it helps you.
  • Join a book club to meet new people that love reading as much as you. This will help you stay engaged in a hobby you enjoy while making personal connections.
  • Volunteer for something you are passionate about to give back to your community, connect with other passionate people, and improve your wellbeing.

Use these tips and tricks to improve your mental health. If you need additional assistance, counseling in Windermere is an excellent option. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you live your best life.

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