The timed hobbies list

The timed hobbies list

The timed hobbies list

Individual therapists in Orlando suggest that it is important for every person to have a hobby or some form of self-care that they can indulge in. When setting boundaries about what this can be, a hobby-according to individual therapists in Orlando-needs to foster the overall growth of their basic needs. In most often cases, individuals are aiming to fulfill their fun basic needs which can be filled in various ways.

Making Time For You

Many individuals report that they often struggle with valuing their time and feeling comfortable having time for themselves during the week. This is accompanied by a mindset of “oh I should be doing something else” and related cognitive thinking. The time spent on a hobby is highly valued because it gives the person time for themselves. This sets the reset button and allows you to have a mental break from obligations.

Finding The Hobby For You

One way an individual can work towards finding a hobby is by doing a timed list three times a week. This works by setting a timer for five minutes and within that five minutes write down any passing thoughts that could be a potential hobby. Repeat these two more times during a week and at the end of the week look at the list that was created and pick a top three to research more into. It may be something there is already knowledge of, or it may even lead to learning something completely new and warrant the time spent for the person!

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